Moodbeam Wellness has launched an application that would go alongside its wearable technology device that can detect a change in feelings, moods, emotions, and more of a user. Its initial aim is to detect a change of feelings in a workplace, especially if the user gets anxious or drops down into a state of depression. 

Wearable technology has been utilized to adapt to different uses, and one of which is the mental health of certain users, with one example being Oxford's VR mental wellness platform. A lot of people and studies have also focused on "taking a break" from social media, or the so-called detox to help in improving mental health. 

Moodbeam Wellness App

Moodbeam One
(Photo : Moodbeam UK)

Moodbeam won the National Innovation Award in 2019 for its service that aims to help people with their feelings, emotions, and mental health in the workplace. According to Business Live UK, Moodbeam has made a wellness app that would help people have access to better address their mental health. 

The app would help escalate the post-pandemic environment for businesses and employees, something which was also a massive problem of the present times. The lack of social interaction and imposed restrictions during these times may have drastic effects on a person's mental health. 

And here, the app would help in real-time reporting and assisting a person with regards to their mental health, giving importance to how they would feel and what to do about it. Moodbeam's mental health workplace solution has given a lot to people in the past and is now expanding to a more accessible platform, even for those working remotely. 

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Moodbeam Wellness Wearable Tech: How Does it Work? 

Moodbeam One
(Photo : Moodbeam UK)

Moodbeam has several wearable techs which are available to people and businesses, but one of its most prominent products now is the "Moodbeam One" wrist wearable. The product is simple, and there are only two buttons to push, which would then be interpreted by the application and have an idea of how a person feels. 

It would log in certain times, places, events, and other parameters where a person feels "Happy" or "Unhappy," which are the two choices when pushing said button. The app would then interpret and calculate certain feelings or times where a person feels heavy or happy when doing work or lounging at home. 

Moodbeam Wearable Tech for Mental Health

The device could essentially tell a person how they feel and what they are going through, especially as it logs in every small detail that a person does when pushing the button. Moreover, it would also help in telling them what to do afterward and how to deal with their certain situation or feelings. 

Moodbeam's tech is a massive help in giving people the option to silently voice out how they feel and keep track of their stability. Mental health is a massive consideration with regards to one's everyday functions and moving forward. 

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