TiMi Studios has achieved one of the most prestigious awards in history, and it is with Guinness World Records, hailing it to have the "Most users in a virtual gamers hangout." The award was named to TiMi's parent company, Tencent Shanghai, which has been verified for its "Kingdom Craft" game since May 2021. 

Gaming has been a massive part of life since the late 20th century, where people have made it more than a hobby. Here, Guinness was also keen on observing world records for the gaming industry, where it has named PlayStation with several awards

It is also known that several gamers are celebrated with world record game results, like Billy Mitchell for "Donkey Kong," and "Pac-Man."

'Most Users in a virtual gamers hangout' World Record for TiMi

The world record was set and verified last May 22, 2021, and here, users have made a collective effort to log into a game and play to achieve the world record. According to Guinness World Records, the award was given in Shanghai, China, to TiMi Studios' parent company, Tencent, a known game developer and distributor. 

The game that set the world record for the companies is called "Kingdom Craft," and it has recorded a massive 41,323 people who have logged in to the game and played. This pandemic, the world has relied more on virtual platforms as people are not allowed to go outside and interact with other people due to the virus.

That being said, the focus on gaming to socially interact and entertain one's self has exponentially increased, hence the massive focus on eSports and other online game platforms. TiMi Studios is one of the most popular video games developers now, as it has a lot of applications that it has partnered with, most of which are massive franchises. 

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Tencent and TiMi Studios

Without a doubt, Tencent and TiMi Studios have grown a massive lot in terms of its distribution and development of applications, featuring popular titles to be under their team. TiMi Studios includes that "Pokemon UNITE," "Call of Duty: Mobile," "Arena of Valor," and more. 

All of these titles are also known to be online multiplayer games and are focused on providing a service to connect gamers and let them play on multiple servers and interact. Tencent is also popular for its games, especially as it debuted the "PUBG Mobile," and other known titles from the company. 

'Kingdom Craft'

Kingdom Craft
(Photo : Kingdom Craft via Facebook)

The game of "Kingdom Craft" has been the game that was entered into the Guinness World Records and has successfully taken the award for the players that are in the virtual gamers hangout. Much is not known from "Kingdom Craft", but it is a real-time massive multiplayer online (MMO) game. 

It was a massive global application where users have flocked but have already shut down its servers as of this time. The game has focused on a mobile MMO, which has now been popular among releases. 

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TiMi Studio
(Photo : TiMi Studios via Facebook)

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