Google Collections Tab has a lot of features that have been brought by its recent update, and it is a massive one for the browser as it can manage search activity and other features. The browser's latest update has made it so that it brings an accessible feature for all, without the need to go to other places for quick and easy access. 

Chrome's tab groups have been live for desktop after being initially included on the smartphone's feature earlier this year. However, Google is not stopping there as it aims to bring new features for its beloved browser, soon to not collect any cookies from users on its next update, which fans are looking forward with. 

Google Collections Tab

Google Chrome: Collections Tab
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Google's Collections tab can be accessed on the web, and it can store several of the top hits, or saved matches on one's search activity or browsing history for better access. Instead of going to the history of typing specific keywords, users can go to the tab and click on wherever they want to access it. 

These are both available on Chrome's desktop and mobile application, and it brings a massive accessibility feature that can be of use to anyone that needs or requires it. The latest update has brought it so, for users to enjoy and spend more time browsing, and not searching or typing for what they wish to see. 

The feature incorporates most of the Google apps that a single account user utilizes, including that of Google Maps, Drive, Chrome, and more. It would help bring the most used feature or recently saved pages in the application. 

The feature can incorporate and bring the Google suite in one sitting, without the hassle of manually searching for it.

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Google Chrome Collections

According to CNET, the update has rolled out to users, and that the feature has only shown up in the previous week. Apart from the content mentioned above, it also brings several features including that of Collection, Quick Access, Shopping, Shows and Movies, Recipes, and others which can be saved. 

Think of it as browsing through a marketplace, may it be Facebook, Amazon, or Walmart, and having it "add to cart" so that it may be saved on your collections. However, Google's tab, it automatically sorts or categorizes it so users can access it well and easier, compared to that of the shopping carts.

Google Browser Updates

Google's dedicated browser for all has been changed and updated for a long time now, but the internet company is not yet rebranding it, changing its name, or replacing it with a new service. 

The Google Collections is proof that Chrome is still evolving and nowhere near its retirement or extinction in the face of the internet. 

This is only one of Google's many upcoming updates for Chrome, something which would help better the experience. 

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