Diet habits are said to be connected to a weakened immune system, and everything that a person eats affects their health and wellness. This is especially evident during these times, where people stay mostly indoors, without the regular exercise or mobility which they would normally have before this pandemic. 

Health is a massive concern during these times, especially as the world is stuck at home with no place to go. A lot of regulations have been closely monitored by the FDA like the vaping industry of the country, and guidelines to stay safe during these times.

Diet Habits can Weaken Immune System

Healthy Food - Fruit , Nuts, Vegetables & Eggs
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Different types of diet habits and food intake has a massive effect on a person's physiology and immune system, as all substances do. For example, if a person eats ultra-processed foods or fatty ones, there are risks for high levels of cholesterol and developing heart disease. 

According to MSN, certain foods like high in sugar, have massive amounts of saturated fat, sodium, drinking alcohol, and eating the so-called "junk foods" have adverse effects on a person's health. 

Of course, everything should be kept in moderation and be monitored, so that a person can maintain wellness, as well as their immune system to be kept healthy. 

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Food and Diet Tracking Apps

A ketogenic diet is not that recommended for keeping a healthy lifestyle, as it focuses on protein more than carbohydrates for the daily energy push that a person needs. It focuses on weight loss and trimming fat, but not on keeping up with a healthful lifestyle that a person needs to have a better immune system. 


Price: $4.99

Availability: iOS

Review: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Nutrients is a food and diet tracking application that focuses on intake only. It does not incorporate exercise or other lifestyle approaches to a diet, but what it brings is a full suite of information that a person can use to track their food intake and diet if it exceeds the ideal amount which they can set daily. 


Price: Free with In-App Purchases

Availability: iOS, Android

Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars

MyFitnessPal is a food and lifestyle application that is primarily a wellness app that can track lifestyle and exercise, as well as incorporating diet and food tracking. Here, users can also receive a different kinds of information for the food they will eat, and monitor their daily diet which can also help in giving them control. 

MyPlate Calorie Counter

Price: Free with In-App Purchases 

Availability: iOS, Android

Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars

MyPlate Calorie Counter is intended to monitor food and diet intake only, making information accessible to all of its users, as well as recording every session that user posts with regards to the food they eat. The app is helpful and easy to use, giving users the chance to monitor their diet well, and help in avoiding any excess with its parameters. 

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