Montreal Restaurant Owners Experience Difficulties Adapting Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Passports
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Montreal Restaurant Owners Experience Difficulties Adapting Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Passports

Some Montreal restaurant owners are coming out explaining their difficulties with adapting to the new digital COVID-19 vaccine passports. The pass limits aspects of public life, just like restaurant dining, for people who have not yet been fully COVID-19 vaccinated and came directly into effect on September 1, 2021.

Businesses Struggle with Vaccine Passport Implementation

Businesses that are considered non-essentials, just like restaurants, are now expected to verify the vaccination status of their patrons. According to GlobalNews, some restaurants, however, are experiencing difficulty in verifying the vaccination status of their patrons and adjusting to the new reality.

Some of these restaurants, just like the owners of Le Petit Vibe restaurant located on Côte-des-Neiges Road, have just decided to close the dining room as well as revert to take-out only for all of their clients. Edward Chaillard, co-owner of Le Petit Vibe, explained that it is actually just more of a question of not really believing in asking people or even being forced to ask people regarding their information.

Restaurant Owners Experience Drop in Business

Other owners who have reportedly also closed their dining rooms note that it is just too expensive to hire an extra staff in order to police the passports, as a number of them told Global News that they are also considering doing take-out only. Owners that have larger dining spaces, who have not yet closed, point to some other challenges that they have experienced ever since the day that the actual passport came into effect.

Peter Sergakis, a bar and restaurant owner, noted that their business, ever since the very first day, was down by a whopping 20%. On top of everything, he reportedly said that he also has problems finding employees to do the checks and that the actual enforcement is costing him.

Logistical Problems with COVID-19 Vaccine Passports

He also reportedly pointed out that they still have to buy telephones for the employees to be able to check the passports. He noted that the employees do not want to use their own personal phones, which he stated "is normal." As of the moment, there is much concern over the Delta variant as health officials are now warning that it could eat on the victims' lungs.

The official Quebec government has reportedly put in place a 15-day grace period before all of the penalties will be imposed. Business owners note that they hope things will become easier by then, as some of them are still currently struggling.

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Quebec Vaccine Passport

An article by the CBC notes that Quebec's official vaccine passport means that there is a new element that is added to the everyday interactions in the province. Business owners and residents reportedly still have a number of questions and concerns regarding how the system works.

As of September 1, 2021, digital or even paper proof of adequate vaccination is going to be required across Quebec in order to help take part in quite a long list of activities. This includes going to restaurants, gyms, and bars. Learn how to store your digital COVID-19 vaccine card here.

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