Apple has recently released the new updates for Heart Analyzer in Apple Watch and iPhone. The health technology app now brings fresh features to the platform that users can use.

Newest Heart Analyzer Updates

Apple Launches Updates For Heart Analyzer in iPhone, Apple Watch: Here Are the Full Release Notes
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A new update for Heart Analyzer is now available in Apple Watch and iPhone. Here is the list of the new features and changes in the app.

According to 9to5Mac's report on Tuesday, Sept. 6, the Heart Analyzer is an amazing health app that has a wide range of capabilities, including displaying ECG results, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, and other features.

Earlier this week, the Cupertino giant decided to introduce the new update for the Heart Analyzer.

The update focuses on the following. Here are them.

  • Revamped calendar review

  • Improved ECG comparison view

  • Newly-added Heart Reports for accurate metrics that can be customized

  • Updated look for Heart Home involving new configuration options and metrics

  • Respiratory Rate support - Can be accessed through dashboard

  • Smart Heart Rate Recovery - For Workout HR Recovery times

  • Now exports heart rate data to .CSV

  • Customized heart rate zones

  • Can now toggle Apple Watch metrics between yesterday and today

  • Updated weekly update notifications for Apple Watch

For those who haven't yet downloaded this health app, you can obtain this Heart Analyzer app at the Apple App Store for both Apple Watch and iPhone users.

If you want to experience its additional features, you can pay for the extra in-app purchases.

Heart Analyzer vs Heart Watch

There is a good alternative for Heart Analyzer: the Heart Watch.

Some users say that the former is better compared to the latter. Here's what Reddit tells about this comparison.

In a Reddit post months ago, many people were arguing about what health app is better from the two choices.

According to one user, he uses both apps interchangeably. However, what he prefers more is the Heart Analyzer since it is fully customizable and has a cool UI.

Another person commented that he personally liked the Heart Analyzer. Besides its nice-looking design, the health app shows all the information that he wants to appear.

Even so, one user replied to the thread about the comparison. He said that he is using Heart Watch, but the downside is its large data consumption.

On top of that, the preference could vary from one user to another. Since it caters to different demands, people would most likely select the more convenient and informative app.

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Apple Watch Saves Lives

Previously, we learned that the Apple Watch can save people's lives during unexpected situations. Back in June, Apple Watch managed to save the life of a man who fell through the ice.

He could not use his phone, that's why he depended on the Apple Watch. Moments later, he dialed 911 and was immediately rescued after a few minutes.

In July, the same Apple device detected the "widowmaker heart attack" in a woman. The "widowmaker" might sound dangerous to the men, but it could go undetected for the women.

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