The PS5 restock this September is not a guaranteed one, as people are still on the hunt for the console, but is not available for the public to purchase. This would go alongside the PlayStation Showcase to be done by Sony, which would reveal the new and upcoming game for the console, which still sees scarcity among its stocks. 

Earlier this week, it has been rumored that major retailers would be featuring new stocks of the PlayStation, and Tech Times have been monitoring the market so you would not. The PlayStation Showcase would bring popular games to the platform, including the rumored return of "Infamous" to the gaming world, particularly for PS5's 4K. 

PS5 to Arrive Alongside the PlayStation Showcase?

PS5 Restock
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It was said that PS5 stocks are coming alongside Sony's upcoming PlayStation Showcase that is set for Thursday, September 9. While that is only a few hours away, the PlayStation 5 has no guarantees of its next restock in the coming date. 

Several retailers are known to restock towards the weekend, from Wednesday onwards, and the upcoming day would be Walmart's known day of dropping the console. There have been several movements of stocks, but nothing major and significant. 

Gamers are still left to wonder where to get the console, as chip shortage remains a problem in delivering the gaming device from Sony. Nevertheless, the PS5 has mixed reviews now for its replaced heatsink that would release with new consoles. 

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Where to Get the PS5

Best Buy

Availability: Currently sold-out, next restock rumors to drop this week. High chance of restocks this September; Initially had 23 days of no PS5 stock. Both the Standard and Digital Editions were available on the company's last restock.

Price: $499 | $399

Best Buy's PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition 


Availability: Currently sold-out, Unknown date next drops, but frequently offers console-only or bundles in weekly intervals. Restocks are on Wednesdays but have not shown any movement for this week. Showcase may affect stock availability.

Price: $499 | $399

GameStop's PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition

Sony Direct

Availability: Remains unknown, but PlayStation Showcase would bring console stocks to the public, so check out the website for more details. 

Price: $499 | $399

Sony Direct's PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition

Ps5 dualsense
(Photo : Olly Curtis/Future Publishing via Getty Images)
A Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, taken on October 29, 2020.


Availability: Currently unavailable. Thursday is the day Target is known to restock the console.

Price: $499 | $399

Target's PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition 


Availability: Currently unavailable, unknown date of restocking, but check for updates via Twitter and retail e-shop as Walmart frequently updates. Walmart is known to drop the PS5 restocks during Thursdays and on weekends.

Price: $499 | $399

Walmart's PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition 

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