TikTok Influencers are a diverse bunch of social media advocates who specialize in specific content, with some focusing on free mental wellness offers for those that need it the most.

Sometimes, TikTok may be viewed negatively because of its crazy and ridiculous challenges which result in harm and danger for a person aiming to replicate it. However, TikTok is also a place where people interact with each other, and as a social media platform, it holds a powerful tool for people to learn and believe its content, may it be good or bad.

TikTok Influencers for Mental Health

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TikTok challenge

Mental Health is a massive thing in the present times, as it is now getting addressed more by influencers and experts, something which is highly considered and valued.

Social media is a massive place for learning and dealing with mental health problems, as not everyone can afford therapy sessions with psychologists.

People come to everyday influencers for advice and tips on how to deal with their problems or understand what they are going through, as each case is unique and different.

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Nadia Addesi

Nadia Addesi (@nadiaaddesi) is one of the largest TikTok influencers that holds a platform for mental health and dealing with it. Her channel has 3.1 million followers, which all go to her content for advice and proper guidance on what is happening or what these people are feeling.

The influencer focuses on anxiety problems which she is feeling or going through, and here, she provides tips on how she deals with it, especially during hard times. Addesi's videos will make users understand more of what they are feeling and embrace their anxieties to progress through it.

  @nadiaaddesi Calling myself out in this one. Anyone else have freeze as a stress response? ##therapy ##mentalhealth ##therapist  ♬ _Cute - Gabe Lost     


Melissa Shepard, M.D.

Dr. Melissa Shepard was a depressed child back then, and she did not understand what she was feeling when she was experiencing this in her youth. This was one of the topics which she has openly discussed on her platform, and aims to open up amongst her viewers.

The doctor is a licensed psychiatrist and therapist which gives her TikTok more authenticity and have a certain level of trust to be given.

Her goal is to "work on it together" via social media.

  @doctorshepard_md Thanks for reading my autobiography ##adhd ##anxiety ##perfectionist ♬ original sound - Honey  

Micheline Maalouf

Micheline Maalouf is a licensed trauma therapist, and she aims to give people a chance to fight back against certain experiences and events that haunt them until this time. She also discusses the "red flags" among therapists, especially as not all can understand or properly relate to a person.

Maalouf aims to help those that need her the most but is out of reach, hence the TikTok.

  @micheline.maalouf 3 of the most overlooked traumas ##traumatized ##trauma ##therapy  ♬ Get Into It (Yuh) - Doja Cat     


Shani T.

Unlike all the influencers in this list, Shani T. presents the "chill" and cool vibes, bordering on being a "dope therapist" for all the needs of her audience. Despite her persona and branding, Shani T. delivers great mental health advice which a person could truly relate to and use.

  @theshaniproject Thank you @the.truth.doctor for the idea. Link in bio ##Therapy ##therapist ##gradstudent ##businesstiktok ##therapistsoftik ##tiktoktherapy ##onlinecourses ♬ original sound - Dr. Courtney Tracy - Therapist  


Chloe Hayden

Last but not least, another take on mental health is having that "one friend" or "bigger sister", which one can rely on, and that is how Chloe Hayden tackles her content on TikTok. Instead of coming on too strong as a person that gives advice, her content is like a "warm hug" from a loving sister who would always be there for you and your problems.

   @chloeshayden inclusive film sets & being a disabled actor ##fyp ##foryou ##autism ##actuallyautistic  ♬ original sound - Chloé Hayden     

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