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TikTok is enticing more and more people, and now a new report suggests that the China app, also known as Douyin,  has surpassed YouTube in terms of watched hours.

TikTok Surpasses YouTube

According to App Annie, the average time per user spent on the app is higher for TikTok. This means that the platform has high levels of engagement.

App Annie characterized TikTok as a platform that upended the streaming and social landscape.

However, YouTube is still the number 1 streaming service when it comes to the overall time spent, not per user, because overall, it has way more users than TikTok, according to The Verge.

YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly users, while TikTok has more than 700 million in mid-2020. In May, TikTok surpassed Facebook after the latter lost 30% of downloads.

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The metric regarding the "time spent" of users only recorded the ones on Android phones, and it does not include the users in China where TikTok originated, according to BBC.

Jamie MacEwan from Enders Analysis said that YouTube still leads TikTok in overall time spent, not just in the United States but also in the United Kingdom.

The Google-owned streaming service means that it is getting more demographics composed of users who only spend a couple of hours a day online, so the time spent per user is low.

The most invested YouTube users have probably surpassed the time spent of an average TikTok user.

However, that does not mean that TikTok is not a success.

The ByteDance-owned app has been attracting users who are willing to spend an entire day on the platform. TikTok is known for being the home of the entertaining and whimsical videos, most of them going viral.

But the majority of them do not hang around for long compared to YouTube.

In the U.K., TikTok has surpassed YouTube last year and has since maintained its lead.

In the U.S., YouTube and TikTok swapped spots numerous times in 2020 before TikTok came on top in April.

The firm also tracks the increasing importance of TikTok based on its online metrics.

Among the apps, TikTok is ranked as the most downloaded one worldwide since 2020. Since last year, it is also going head to head with YouTube for the number 1 stop in consumer spending.

Spending Money on Streaming

According to App Annie's report, apps with live streaming like TikTok are responsible for increasing the money spent on content creators.

Three-quarters of the money users spend online goes to apps with live-streaming services as they pay subscription fees and tip content creators.

The rest of the money that users spend online goes to buying items on e-commerce sites like Amazon.

On Twitch, a popular gaming site, users can purchase Bits, a virtual currency on the site, and spend them on streamers during their session. They can also subscribe to a creator's channel to get the benefits reserved for subscribers.

TikTok lets users tip the content creators with coins, while YouTube has the same program for its streams.

App Annie stated that live-streaming is driving growth in engagement for these platforms, and the apps set people up to spend money while they are online.

When it comes to money spending, the winner in 2020 is Snapchat. According to App Annie's data, the messaging app saw its downloads outside the U.S. increase by almost 30% yearly and by 45% in 2019.

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