DC's "Injustice" movie trailer has now been released, and it is bringing the first look for the on-screen adaptation of the popular video game that became a massive franchise. However, there have been mixed reactions on the first look, particularly as it looks different from the video game version and is more of the trademark animation.

The popular DC Comics heroes have been evident in pop culture among these times, with "Fortnite" being among those that brought Superman, Batman, The Flash, and other characters in games. However, this would not be possible if it was not for the "Injustice: Gods Among Us" game released in 2013 by NetherRealm Studios.

DC's 'Injustice' Movie Trailer

Injustice - Animated Movie Trailer
(Photo : Warner Bros. via IGN)

The wait is over, and the trailer is here for the first-ever on-screen adaptation of the popular 2013 video game, which has been popular since it was first released for the console, PC, and mobile platforms. IGN has posted the trailer on YouTube and other social media platforms, showing the first look of the trailer.

The clip did not elaborate much on what would happen, particularly the fight between Superman's army versus Batman's Insurgent rebels. The trailer focused on the beginning of the story, where Joker has kidnapped Lois Lane and killed her via an explosion as the League failed to rescue her in time.

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'Injustice' Movie vs. 'Injustice: Gods Among Us'

There are massive and noticeable differences between the trailer and video game versions of "Injustice," and frankly, it did not capture the essence of the favorite video game on-screen. The primary reason is that the animated movie takes on the design and animation by Warner's team, and not NetherRealm's design for the plot and characters.

Injustice - Animated Movie Trailer
(Photo : Warner Bros. via IGN)

The 3D and almost-realistic looking characters from the game would not be seen here, something which fans aim to see in the movie version. Warner Bros.'s trademark animation is somehow cartoonish and is not comparable to that of NetherRealm's design for the characters.

Injustice 2
(Photo : Warner Games)

The movie would be straight to disc or Blu-Ray release and would not be going to any streaming platforms for its initial drop on October 19. The reason for that remains unknown. Also, Warner has not released any details of its release with HBO GO or the partner streaming platform of the company.

It is known that "Zack Snyder's Justice League" was released on the platform.

Did 'Injustice' give Justice to 'Injustice: Gods Among Us?'

The "Injustice" trailer still looks promising, and it is because it captures the initial part of the plot close to its main source, which is the video game and comic book. Fans are hoping that this adaptation to the big screen would do its source material justice, especially as Warner's DC Animated Universe is highly regarded for that.

While there would be no real-life adaptation of the franchise, this would be the closest that fans would get to experience the game as part of the audience and not a player.

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