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Dispo, a photo-sharing app that emulates disposable cameras, began rollout a test to find out who are interested in selling photos as NFTs.

Dispo Began Testing Tool for NFTs

The test started on Sept. 8, and some app users may see a sell button on their photos. When they tap the button, it will prompt them to sign up to be notified when the ability to sell the photos as NFTs is officially launched.

In an exclusive interview, Daniel Liss, the CEO and co-founder of Dispo, told TechCrunch that the company is still discussing how to incorporate NFT sales into the app effectively.

This is why they are trying to see if the users will be interested if they push through with the changes.

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The company does not have the project's final plans yet, as they have not decided on a blockchain, or if they would team up with an NFT marketplace, or how much of the sales they would take.

Suppose the company does continue with its plan to sell photos as NFTs. In that case, this will be a new direction for the app, which was originally created to redefine the photo-sharing experience.

NFTs have been a hit online, especially in the gaming industry.

Last week, NBA's Utah Jazz dove into the NFT craze by offering fans an exclusive tour to the team's locker room.

Dispo's Rise to Fame

Dispo was launched in 2019, and it immediately became a hit with social media app users. The camera-based app allows you to live in the moment because the pictures you take will be accessed the following morning.

Despite its fame, the company also faced controversy and public backlash.

In early 2020, the app was dubbed as David's Disposables, named after its other co-founder, YouTuber David Dobrik.

The app was downloaded more than a million times in the first week after its launch, and it was at the top spot on the App Store charts.

In March, the app was relaunched, and more features were added, but weeks later, an expose was revealed regarding assault allegations against a member of Vlog Squad, the name of David Dobrik's YouTube gang that does pranks on his videos.

According to Insider, Spark Capital ended its partnership with Dispo, and Dobrik left the company.

Other company investors like Unshackled Ventures and Seven Seven Six, who invest more than $20 million, announced that they would donate the profits from their investment in Dispo to organizations working with assault survivors.

Liss told TechCrunch in June that Dobrik was a marketing partner in the company. Liss added that the app focused on improving the product itself and has since taken a step back from promotion.

According to SensorTower, Dispo has reached 4.7 million installs globally. The app had an increase in downloads in January 2020. In March, after the app was relaunched, it attracted more than 600,000 users. 

From March to August, Dispo was downloaded 1.4 million times. That is a 118% increase compared to last year.

However, it should be expected that the numbers this year would be higher because of the upcoming NFT changes.

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