Tesla's Model S Plaid has set a world record at the Nürburgring for the fastest stock production electric vehicle that ever raced on the platform. Because of this, Elon Musk has teased that a modded Plaid would race the legendary loop and has also teased that a "track pack" software update, along with mods, is coming soon.

The Plaid has set foot in the Nürburgring before, but it was the inaugural track test when it was first teased by the clean energy company ahead of battery day. Ultimately, the said vehicle was released for 2021 but remains as a limited release as other preorders of the Plaid have not yet received their delivery.

Tesla Model S Plaid: Nürburgring World Record

Plaid Model S
(Photo : Twitter: Drive Tesla (@DriveTeslaca))

The Tesla Model S Plaid has set the official world record at Nürburgring, and it is currently the titleholder for the fastest production electric vehicle in the world. The venture was revealed by the CEO, Elon Musk via Twitter (@elonmusk), where he showed a photo of the track time and top speed of the vehicle as it drove around.

Musk has failed to mention who was behind the wheel, but it would probably be one of Tesla's test precision drivers. The Nürburgring is known to be one of the most complicated tracks in the world but proves to be a ground to test the vehicles, as well as drivers. The track is located in Nürburg, Germany.

The vehicle's track time for the lap records 7:30.909 and 7:35.579. Respectively, having an average speed of 166.320 and 164.615 kilometers per hour (103.35 and 102.29 miles per hour, respectively).

It was known that Tesla also shattered the record speed of Porsche's Taycan, another production electric vehicle that tested in Nürburgring years ahead.

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Tesla Model S Plaid Mods

Tesla Model S Plaid Retractable Spoiler
(Photo : The Kilowatts via Twitter @klwtts)

Tesla Model S Plaid would soon have mods for the vehicle and have it track tested in the Nurburgring. However, it was revealed by Musk that it would not come to production releases, as a fan asked if he could add it to his preordered Plaid.

Owners would need to go to third-party modders for this.

Tesla Model S Plaid Track Pack

After the mention of the Plaid's record speed, a fan has been eager to ask about the release of the "track pack," a software update for the Model S Plaid. Here, the CEO has mentioned that the software update would be coming in a few weeks, with no guaranteed or specific date for its release.

Musk has been teasing a lot about its electric vehicles, and it only means that Tesla has something big coming up its sleeves soon enough. It is known for a fact that Tesla's Battery Day is yet to happen this September, but the company has not yet revealed plans for this.

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