PS4 games are still good to play on Sony's last-gen console, but there's no reason for you not to experience them again on next-gen. Especially if you're lucky enough to already own a current-gen PlayStation 5. 

 Ps5 controller
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A Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, taken on October 29, 2020.

There are several PS4 games out there that, while they already look good on last-gen, are absolute masterpieces on next-gen in terms of visuals and performance.

So, without further ado, here are several of the best PS4 games that deserve a replay on the PS5. 

'Ghost of Tsushima'

Perhaps the most recent entry on this list, Sucker Punch Productions' 17th-century samurai epic was hailed as one of the best PS4 games when it came out.

According to Digital Trends, the game's visuals looked so good that they felt "more at home" on the PS5 than on the last-gen Sony console. And it's easy to see why. 

Ghost of tsushima
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On the more powerful hardware of the PlayStation 5, "Ghost of Tsushima" runs at a silky-smooth, locked 60 FPS (meaning there's barely any frame rate drops), is rendered in checkerboarded (i.e. upscaled) 4K resolution, and loads up super fast courtesy of the PS5 console's SSD

'God of War' 

The bone-cracking, God-killing machine is back but this time, he's doing something he's never done before: become a father.

Kratos' last outing on the PS4 was received with critical acclaim for its insanely detailed visuals and amazing story, but who's to say you can't experience this rendition of Norse mythology on next-gen? 

Ps4 god of war main
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Sony's Santa Monica Studios made sure that "God of War" looks insanely gorgeous on the PS5.

Recently, they released an Enhanced Performance Mode for the game via patch that makes it run at 60 FPS in checkerboard 4K, reports PCMag.

Killing gods never felt and looked this good. 

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'The Last Guardian' 

As the most recent title from the makers of the PS2 classic "Shadow of the Colossus," "The Last Guardian" has had a long and arduous journey from development hell.

It eventually released on the PS4 after initially being planned to be a PS3 exclusive, but several development setbacks didn't really help its performance on the PlayStation 5's predecessor. 

The last guardian
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On the PS5, "The Last Guardian" runs at a locked 60 FPS, which is already way better than how it ran on the PS4, but only if you have its physical disc, reports Eurogamer.

Still, it's a great game barring the various technical issues. 

'Dark Souls 3' 

Everybody's favorite masochism simulator of a series had its last instalment in "Dark Souls 3" for the PS4. It ran at a respectable 30 FPS on last-gen, but of course, fans demanded something more.

So, developer From Software patched it on the PS5 to make it run at a consistent 60 FPS on next-gen, with barely any stuttering or freezes according to Eurogamer. 

 Dark souls 3
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The only downside with "Dark Souls 3" on the PlayStation 5 is that it runs at native 1080p, which isn't really "next-gen" considering that some other PS4 games already run at resolutions far higher on the new Sony console.

Still, nobody will deny that it's far easier to dodge The Nameless King at 60 FPS, right? 

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