PS5 lead designer and architect, Mark Cerny, who developed the sought-after gaming console, shared his personal choice of 7000MB/s SSD as the device now supports storage expansion.

It is worthy to note that the PS5 designer had to choose a drive that could overpower the built-in SSD of the console, and it is no surprise that Cerny picked an impressive 7,000 MB/s drive.

Fans of the Sony gaming console have been looking forward to the day that PS5 will openly support storage expansion as the built-in drive of the device only sports a 667 available space.

However, despite the massive storage that the console offers, games today require more storage than this. Not to mention that their constant updates will also be taking up more space.

As per Finder, the "Call of Duty" notably eats up to 200GB of memory already. As such, the current capacity of the console could only squeeze in a few gaming titles.

PS5 users got even more excited as Sony hinted on February 26 that an additional SSD expansion option will soon be available for the gaming console.

Thankfully, the latest beta release of the Sony PS5, which debuted on July 29, introduces an SSD expansion support for the M.2 slot. And now, the lead designer of the PS5 shared his personal SSD of choice.

PS5 Lead Designer: SSD Personal Choice

As PS5 introduced the SSD expansion feature, fans of the console have been eyeing countless compatible drives.

However, this time around, the man who helped develop the gaming device shared his personal preference.

According to NotebookCheck, Cerny chose a Western Digital drive that did not make it to the reported compatible NVMe SSDs for the PS5.

The PS5 lead designer goes against the tide and chooses a WD Black SN850 with a heatsink that goes by the name style of WD_BLACK SN850.

Cerny went on to Twitter to enthusiastically announce his personal SSD choice, saying that even if there are numerous worthy options of the 7,000 MB/s range, the PS5 exec decided to choose the aforementioned Western Digital.

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PS5 Lead Designer SSD: Is it compatible?

So, if the WD Black SN850 is not part of the compatible SSDs for the PS5. Then, does it mean that it does not work well with the Sony gaming console?

Here's an answer from the spokesperson of Western Digital.

The official answer came after WCCFTech reached out to the producer of the WE_BLACK SN850. WD confirmed that the said SSD, which has 500GB-2TB variants, definitely met the requirements for the PS5 for its beta software.

However, it is worth noting the WD said that "compatibility testing is in progress."

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