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PS5 restocks have been very rare recently, which is why a lot of customers are always on the lookout for updates. PS5 restock tracker Matter Swider posts updated on Twitter.

According to Swider's Twitter, Target had a PS5 restock at 7:37 AM Eastern Standard Time, but it sold out faster than normal because of low inventory and high demand.

PS5 Restock at Target

The last PS5 restock date at Target was earlier today, Sept. 10 at 7:37 AM Eastern Standard Time. If you've missed the drop, you can follow Matt Swider on Twitter so you can be notified as soon as another restock happens.

Since Target released a small inventory, only a few people were able to purchase it. Some were able to go through Target's website and bought it online, while others were able to pick it up in retail stores, according to Tom's Guide.

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Although Target changed its restock day, the time is still the same. The retailer is known to drop stocks between 7 AM Eastern Standard Time to 8 AM Eastern Standard Time.

The PS5 console is available for $499, while the PS5 Digital version is available for $399, according to GamingIntel.

PS5 Restock at Best Buy

With Best Buy, the restock of PS5 does not happen frequently. In fact, it has been 28 days since its last drop. The last PS5 restock date at the retail store was Aug. 12 at 2:35 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Matt Swider also tweets about Best Buy restocks on his account. The retailer is not known to drop stocks often, but when it does have the console, it drops it back to back almost every week.

As for its restock time, it is difficult to nail down the schedule. All that is known is that the retailer never drops stocks during the weekends or evenings. The restock time falls between 9 AM Eastern Standard Time and 5 PM Eastern Standard Time.

PS5 Restock at Antonline

The last PS5 restock date at Antonline was Aug. 26. The retailer has been consistent with its restocks, unlike Best Buy. The retailer updates its PS5 stocks almost every week.

If you plan to purchase the console at Antonline, it costs more than buying it at other retail stores. However, when it comes to PS5 games and accessories, the price is the same as everywhere else.

The retailer also offers a bundle wherein you can purchase the PS5 console with a game included.

PS5 Restock at Walmart

The last PS5 restock update at Walmart was Aug. 25. The retailer usually drops stocks on Thursdays. Just recently, TechRadar reported that Walmart ordered new batches of consoles and may arrive in October.

The retailer takes a long time to ship. If it goes through with its October drop, the next restock may be in 2022.

PS5 Restock at GameStop

The last PS5 restock update at GameStop was Aug. 25. The retailer offers bundles, and you can sign up for its PowerUp Rewards Pro membership that costs $15. You will be notified if stocks are available so you can be prioritized in line.

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