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Fujitsu released an official statement regarding the data being marketed by cyber criminals online. The company said that it is not related to a cyberattack on its systems.

Fujitsu Says Data Online is Not Theirs

Marketo, a known criminal marketplace, claimed that it has 4GB worth of data from Fujitsu that was posted in August. The platform began marketing the data widely, according to TechRadar.

At the time, the company said that it was investigating a potential breach. Fujitsu said that the source of the breach, including whether it comes from their systems or environment, is not known.

Marketo stated that it has customer information in-store. It also has its budget data, company data, reports, and company documents, including project information.

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However, on Sept. 10, both the company and the marketplace confirmed that the data stolen is not connected to Fujitsu and is instead linked to one of its affiliates.

Andrew Kane, a spokesperson for Fujitsu, confirmed that an investigation revealed the stolen data was not from their system. He noted that even Marketo has changed how they are marketing the data, ZDNet reported.

Kane stated that while the company is aware that Marketo claims that it has uploaded data linked to the relationship between Fujitsu and a customer in Japan, they have conducted a review of the incident. To date, there is no evidence that the data is from the company's systems.

Regarding the authenticity of the data, Fujitsu is not in a position to speculate where it came from, and they will no longer comment about it.

Marketo has changed its statement. The marketplace wrote that the stolen data was from a Japanese manufacturing company named Toray Industries, according to ZDNet. 

A cyber threat intelligence analyst, Ivan Righi, said that the 24.5M evidence package in August that was provided on Marketo had screenshots of data relating to Toray Industries. However, the public thought that the data came from Fujitsu.

Despite changing its initial statement, the marketplace is still using Fujitsu's logo to sell the data on the platform. However, it did change the description under the picture to focus on Toray Industries.

Security experts have stated that the data on Marketo is accurate, and the changes and revelations are some of the examples of how unreliable criminal marketplaces can be.

Japanese Government Agencies Suffers Data Breaches

In May, multiple agencies in Japan were breached due to Fujitsu's ProjectWEB information sharing tool. The company said that the hackers got unauthorized access to government projects that used ProjectWEB.

It was not revealed whether the breach happened because of a vulnerability or if it was a targeted attack, according to Bleeping Computer.

The National Cyber Security Center in Japan announced that the hackers were able to get information through Fujitsu's sharing tool.

Fujitsu also stated that the hackers got access to all of its projects that used the ProjectWEB tool. They were also able to steal proprietary data.

By gaining unauthorized access to government systems, the hackers were able to steal more than 76,000 email addresses. They were also able to steal proprietary information.

Several data breaches were recorded earlier this year. In February, Wordpress suffered a data breach that affected 100,000 websites.

In May, Verizon also suffered a data breach that prompted the company to reveal how cybercriminals market the stolen data online.

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