SpaceX Starship has a new render, and it shows the spacecraft that has deleted the new nose position, as pointed out by a Twitter user. Here, Elon Musk explains that there would soon be an apparent thing that people would be able to notice when they see new images of the Starship, particularly as it goes on its test flights and missions.

Just last week, the Super Heavy Rocket 4 has finished installing 29 of its Raptor Engines as it gears up for its upcoming test flights for when it stacks the Starship atop it.

The space company is gearing up for its future mission to Mars, which centers on the Starship to bring the first humans to the neighboring planet and build a colony.

SpaceX Starship Render: No Flaps

SpaceX Starship
(Photo : Supercluster via Twitter)

According to Supercluster's newly released SpaceX render for the Starship, the space company has shown to the public its new render for the spacecraft, and it brings a fresh design for the Mars-bound spacecraft.

The image shows a new look for the Starship, and meticulous fans or enthusiasts would be able to point out a little detail that has changed from the old models. That is the new flap position that SpaceX has included in its present iteration of the Starship, something which is unavailable now.

This was pointed out by Matt Lowne, a known fan and influencer that has tweeted this to his followers. This was something that the billionaire founder of SpaceX noticed, where he decided to explain. According to Elon Musk (@elonmusk), SpaceX Starship's forward flaps would "change a lot," and it would do so in the future.

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The update of the CEO confirms that there would be new faces of the Starship, even though it does not get released yet.

Elon Musk SpaceX Starship

Elon Musk's SpaceX and Starship are his babies, something which the CEO has stuck on for a long time, now blossoming into a space company that is trusted by many, including NASA.

This only shows how much SpaceX and the Starship have evolved through the years, especially as it has proven its worth amongst the public.

One of Musk's babies is the Starship of SpaceX, and the public had shown the outing of the spacecraft back when it was initially testing it out and having its prototypes explode.

Starship Full Stack Test Flight

Last July was the supposed Full Stack test flight of SpaceX, and it is something that has not yet happened due to a lot of factors surrounding the ship. Initially, it was said that SpaceX has not yet secured a test flight permit from the FAA, something which they aim to change in the coming years.

It is already September, and the world has not yet seen the first flight of the Full Stack of Super Heavy and Starship, something which the public expects from SpaceX.

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