Elon Musk believes that the Earth is experiencing a "Population Collapse" and that humans need to pro-create more and bring those people to Mars via SpaceX to save civilization. The company is known to be creating its Starship program that is intended to be going towards the Red Planet to bring humans and enable space tourism, but now it has a higher purpose.

SpaceX is not only here to show off Musk's brilliant space concepts and visions but to also save humanity from the impending doom of extinction. That would be achieved through the combination of Starship and Super Heavy Booster's full-stack once it is operational and clear to bring humans to Mars.

Elon Musk Believes in 'Population Collapse'

Elon Musk and Population Collapse
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In the recent tweets of the SpaceX CEO (@elonmusk), Musk has addressed that taking care of the current and next generation is part of his goal to "set a good example" in looking into the future. The CEO believes in "population collapse" and it is something which the world is currently facing as there are fewer children that are being born.

Here, he is shown holding his child and taking care of "X Æ A-Xii," popularly known as the child with one of the most bizarre names in the world and his nickname "X," with his girlfriend, Grimes. In social media, the CEO said that the Earth has a problem of "population collapse" and this is something that is not known to many.

That being said, his actions and with SpaceX's are huge examples of taking care of the next generations and looking forward to bringing them the best possible future either on Earth or Mars.

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What is 'Population Collapse?'

Musk says that "Population Collapse" is upon us, as civilization might end up with a "bang" or "whimper," and the latter is the most likely thing to happen. The CEO believes that the fertility rate for the current generation of women is low and that the rate of the elderly is much higher than the rate of babies, toddlers, or children. What the CEO means is that the world is now an older population or is composed more of the elderly, compared to the young ones, or the future generations. Musk believes that this is a scary thing to happen, especially as humanity may end on a "whimper" where its elderly would die, and no children or future generations to succeed them.

SpaceX to Bring Humans to Mars and Save Civilization

Musk has been rambling a lot about bringing humans to Mars and starting a civilization, but what he has not mentioned before was his belief about population collapse. SpaceX would be in the center of that, with Starship and Super Heavy acting as "Noah's Ark" to bring the future generation and inhabit Mars.

The CEO believes that Mars is in dire need of citizens, and the way to save humanity is to make it a multi planetary species that lives both on the home planet, and its neighboring Red planet.

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