Snapdragon 695G Could Tweak Phones with Advanced Gaming Capabilities Like 144Hz Refresh Rates and 2.5GHz Clock Rates
(Photo : Image from Snapdragon 695G Could Tweak Phones with Advanced Gaming Capabilities Like 144Hz Refresh Rates and 2.5GHz Clock Rates

The Snapdragon 695G could tweak its phones with a little more advanced gaming capabilities like 144Hz refresh rates as well as up to 2.5GHz clock rates. This could be a significant boost when it comes to smartphone capabilities.

Qualcomm Upcoming Snapdragon 600 Series

According to Slashgear, for almost three quarters straight, MediaTek has reportedly managed to be able to wrest the crown coming from Qualcomm when it comes to the mobile application processor or AP market. It was noted that part of its winning strategy is actually to throw everything that it has on a wall and just see which ones really stick.

This is done by mostly targeting mid-range phones when it comes to both the 5G and LTE categories. Qualcomm, on the other hand, hasn't been absent there, and its new upcoming Snapdragon 600 series chips are reportedly clearly its latest attempt to be able to reclaim its throne in the whole mid-tier market. This is especially applicable when it comes to gaming.

Qualcom G Variant

Qualcomm has been known to always have a G variant for a number of its chips that are under both the Snapdragon 6 series as well as the Snapdragon 7 series. These are actually slightly tweaked processors with some added features or clock cycles that are intended for more resource-hungry apps. The Snapdragon 888 was also an upcoming chipset that buyers were looking forward to due to the added performance boost.

Mobile games, on the other hand, have become even more demanding, and the taste of gamers have also leveled up despite phones not being able to catch up. The new and upcoming SM6385 could be Qualcomm's response to the ever-growing demand or at least the response to the gaming variant of the next 5G SoC. The Snapdragon 888 was popular with multiple phones this 2021, and although the Snapdragon 6 series is still coming out, the chipset remains unforgettable.

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Snapdragon 600 Series Performance

The biggest notable draw of the upcoming processor will be its display refresh rate support going up to 144Hz. This is something that is quickly starting to become a trend when it comes to gaming-oriented smartphones. It is also presupposed that a mid-range smartphone would make use of a 144Hz display which could be more common when the upcoming chipset launches.

WinFuture actually theorizes that the upcoming SM6375 will be marked as the Snapdragon 695 as well as the 695G. What really strikes the tech site is that there will reportedly be four SKUs or models that all have different clock rates. The highest will actually work on four "gold" cores capable of running at 2.5GHz and four "silver" cores capable of running at 2.2GHz, which is definitely decent for a number of games. 

There is also reportedly an SM6225 that could actually be a successor to the powerful Snapdragon 665, which still can't use the existing 670 name. The chips, however, might not have as much performance power compared to the Snapdragon 695 and might not also be 5G modem compatible.

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