Amazon Ticketless Palm-Scanning Tech Could Head to Sports Stadiums, Music Venues, and Live Entertainment
(Photo : Image from Amazon Website) Amazon Ticketless Palm-Scanning Tech Could Head to Sports Stadiums, Music Venues, and Live Entertainment

Amazon's ticketless palm-scanning tech could be used in sports stadiums, music venues, and even live entertainment. This brings new possibilities for cashless transactions, and where they can be used in real life physical situations.

Amazon Palm-Technology

According to the story by Engadget, Amazon has reportedly been using its popular palm-tech technology in order to allow customers to pay for purchases at places like Whole Foods, along with the official Amazon cashierless stores.

It is now reportedly expanding the availability of the technology to other functions as well.

In an article by Amazon, it was explained that the company will start by allowing people to enter sports, music, or even other live entertainment venues without having to hold a physical ticket.

Amazon One Partners with AXS

Amazon One will reportedly be offered as part of certain standalone ticketing pedestals that are to be deployed by the ticketing company known as AXS. It is now expected to debut at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver.

In order to enter the venues through using Amazon One, attendees can easily enroll either one or even both palms for the option at a certain dedicated station before they decide to enter. Doing so will allow them to enter not just the event, but also other future AXS events.

The new Xiaomi smart glasses are also expected to come out soon to challenge the Facebook Ray-Bans. 

Amazon One Services

This will allow individuals to enter events without needing to even show their ticket. Amazon currently notes that the enrollment process would take only a minute. During this process, the system would create a unique palm signature through the use of the company's very own custom-built algorithms.

Once it is finally finished, they can then simply use their palms to scan and enter a particular AXS venue. The whole process would only take just a few seconds.

In its announcement, Amazon reportedly stated that it is now the first time that the Amazon One service will be made available outside of Whole Foods Market stores, and Amazon and finally be available for use for entering an entertainment venue.

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Future of Palm-Scanning Technology

The company is reportedly also looking forward to making the new palm-scanning tech more available for other purposes available in other locations. It also added that the company is excited about the potential for expansion to other different locations where certain entry lines can be both long and time consuming.

Since there is a strong increasing demand for contactless solutions due to the ongoing pandemic, the technology would only need users to simply hover their palms over the sensors. Users won't need to press their hands on the sensors and this could happen sooner than later.

Aside from palm-sensor technology, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is now putting money into anti-aging research.

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