Xiaomi Smart Glasses Could Come with Cameras, Message and Notification Displays, and More!
(Photo : Screenshot From Xiaomi Website) Xiaomi Smart Glasses Could Come with Cameras, Message and Notification Displays, and More!

Xiaomi Smart Glasses are coming up, and features include more than just a camera, messages and notifications display, and navigation! This comes as Facebook is launching its very own Facebook smart glasses as well.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses

According to stories to Engadget, the device will be able to do more than just take pictures. It will also be able to display messages, provide navigation, make calls, and even translate text in real-time right in front of the user's eyes.

Just like Facebook, Xiaomi is reportedly planning to put emphasis when it comes to the device's lightness despite its many features. At 51 grams, however, it is still quite heavier than the rival social network's Facebook Ray-Bans.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses Camera

In addition to this, the glasses also have its own indicator light that would show whenever the 5MP camera is being activated. The Xiaomi smart Glasses are reportedly powered by a certain quad-core ARM processor and would be able to run on Android.

They would also reportedly use MicroLED imaging technology, which is reportedly known for having a much higher brightness as well as a longer lifespan compared to the OLED. The company noted that the technology has a much simpler structure which reportedly enabled it to be able to create a compact display along with other individual pixels that are sized at 4μm.

Display for Xiaomi Smart Glasses

It was noted that the images taken in color wouldn't be visible. However, as Xiaomi notes that it decided to use a certain monochrome display solution. This is in order to allow sufficient light to be able to pass through more complicated optical structures.

The company notes that the grating structure is actually etched onto the inner surface of the lens and would reportedly allow light to be refracted in quite a unique way. This would be to help direct it safely into human eyes.

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Xiaomi Smart Glasses Specs

The whole refraction process reportedly involves bouncing light beams quite a number of times which would allow the human eye to be able to see a complete image. This would also greatly increase its usability while wearing. All of this is reportedly done inside just a single lens, instead of using multiple complicated lens systems, mirrors, or even half mirrors, as seen in other products.

Its own smart glasses won't really be just a second screen for the user's phone, according to Xiaomi. It is actually independently capable of a number of things. These include selecting the most important notifications to show users like smart home alarms as well as messages coming from important contacts. With the Facebook Ray-Bans already revealed, buyers might be able to compare it to the Xiaomi Smart Glasses.

The device's very own navigation capability can reportedly display maps as well as directions in front of a user's eyes. It can reportedly show users the number of whoever calls their phone. Users can also take the call through the smart glasses' built-in speakers and mic.

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