Facebook Removes 14 Million COVID-19 Misinformation Posts Globally in 2020
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Facebook's recent research has been leaked via a report, and it says that Instagram is toxic for teenage girls that use the platform. The reports have been based on a study made by the social media company on the effects that the photo-sharing application has been bringing to its users, particularly to the young ones on the platform. 

Instagram has recently been requiring birthdays for age verification, and it is for eligibility to use the platform as Facebook is cracking down on adolescents who do not advise to be using the app. It is known that Facebook has already canceled its "Instagram for Kids" venture, a platform that would allow ages below 16 to use the photo-sharing app. 

Facebook: Instagram is Toxic Shows Research

Facebook Removes 14 Million COVID-19 Misinformation Posts Globally in 2020
(Photo : Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

There have been a lot of shades and problems thrown at Facebook's feet in recent times, and this controversy is another one to add to their dispute with the public. Another report by the Wall Street Journal has found massive information about Facebook and its internal research about Instagram and how it affects its users

The study of Facebook has focused on the past three years, and it looked into how its application affects the young user base or community which uses the social media application. It is known that Instagram attracts a lot of young people to use the application, and a lot can successfully create an account with them despite being underaged. 

WSJ has highlighted that young, female Instagram users have felt body-shamed on the platform and are said to feel insecure about themselves. This does not end with the teenage girls but also with teenage boys that use the platform. 

While Facebook or Instagram has no direct connection to this, the popular posts and content seen here would be focused mostly on societal standards of beauty and appeal.

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Does Facebook or Instagram Body Shame?

Facebook or Instagram does not body shame per se, but the content which is published on their platform depicts what society thinks of beauty and attractiveness. This content affects the users, especially the teenage girls, which are openly using the application. 

Furthermore, the researchers of the study have also noted that some have attributed suicidal attempts or thinking because of Instagram's effects to these young users. 

According to CNBC, WSJ's report has concluded that a large percentage of these users remain unaffected or safe from harm, but there is still a presence among the users on the platform. 

Why Was it Kept off the Public?

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(Photo : Christoph Dernbach/picture alliance via Getty Images)

The research was kept off the public as it is intended as an internal study of the media-sharing application. The popularity of Instagram has made it the place to showcase and share different happenings or events in a person's life, something which they can use to their advantage or liberty.

However, the recent studies of Facebook have seen that it has negative effects on teenagers, and it may affect them as they progress into their formative years.

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