The concept behind NFTs that we actually know is that they are only digital items that could generate money. For a long time, the non-fungible tokens stay on the same page as cryptocurrencies.

"Spellfire," a new NFT game will allow you to hold your actual cards in real life. 

Unlike other blockchain games such as "Axie Infinity" and "MIR4," which only let you own virtual characters, this blockchain game has a unique way of impressing its players.

Get to know more about it through this article.

'Spellfire' Brings Game-Changing NFT Experience

NFT Game 'SpellFire' Offers Real-World NFTs That You Can Actually Touch: 3 Card Types You Should Know
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Did you know that you can actually touch NFTs in real life? Through the NFT game "Spellfire," this impossible experience will be possible.

"Spellfire" might be a new rising fantasy game project, but its initial feature has already surprised many fans, especially card lovers.

According to a Sept.16 report by AMB Crypto, this NFT game will give you a surreal experience that could allow you to own your cards in real life.

If you have already played fantasy games before, you could enjoy special participation in battling your enemies amid war and tactics.

You could encounter monsters, demons, dragons, and other creatures that you can use during combat. Each game card is designed to perfection, thanks to the artists who spend their time illustrating their distinct looks.

With the mainstream NFT games that we recognize so far, "Spellfire" has undeniably shattered the expectations of many card game fans. 

The in-the-work NFT game has transformed our regular perception of how blockchain games operate. Upon entering "Spellfire," just imagine that every move you make has a corresponding value in real life.

Interestingly, the high-valued cards that you can obtain from "Spellfire" could yield a nice profit. That's a typical mindset that we often inculcate in our minds when playing other NFT games.

Just like a straightforward blockchain game, "Spellfire" will also feature a marketplace that would allow the buying, selling, and trading of cards.

Somehow, the real-life experience with this NFT game looks like a dream come true for the fans. Even though it's a virtual world, there's still a glimmer of hope that we could literally touch our digital assets one day.

"Spellfire" has revolutionized the NFT game hype for this part and it is only getting started. 

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Original NFT, Playing NFT, and Not NFT Playing Cards

From the official website of the "Spellfire" game, there are three types of cards that you should remember before investing here. 

Original NFT Cards

From the word "original," these cards could only have one owner. They are extremely limited and very rare for their type.

If ever you purchase a real-life original NFT card, the very first thing that you will notice is its resemblance to its holographic counterpart. You can buy these cards using ETH. To know more about "Original NFT" cards, click here.

Not NFT Playing Cards

Unlike "Original NFT" cards, these cards do not feature a holographic appearance. It's important to note that "all" playing cards are not counted as NFT under the blockchain network.

You can check them by buying booster packs and sealed decks. In addition, these cards are highly upgradeable up to the third level using gold.

In the succeeding upgrades, you will be needing the "magic" tokens. Click here to read more about them. 

Playing NFT Cards

The last one on the list is "Playing NFT" cards. "Spellfire" players should not forget that when a "Not Playing" card hits the 4th upgrade level, it will transform into an "NFT Playing" card.

The value of the "Playing NFT" card will be affected by the upgrades, magic tokens, and more. You can visit here for more details.

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