Elon Musk said that Tesla's FSD Beta button is finally releasing on Sept. 24. However, only the good drivers will get to experience it.

Elon Musk: Tesla FSD Beta Button to Release Sept. 24—But ONLY to Good Drivers
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As per CleanTechnica, when Musk, the EV maker CEO and founder, first talked about the Tesla Full Self-Driving or FSD package, he initially vowed to release its "feature complete" version before 2019 comes to an end.

Back then, the Tesla FSD Beta button was still called "feature complete."

Since the announcement, some Tesla users have already ordered the full self-driving package, which used to only cost $6,000 in Aug. 2019, way cheaper than its current $10,000 price tag.

But these folks are still left waiting for the release of the FSD Beta button.

However, if the latest tweet of the billionaire Tesla CEO is to be believed, Tesla owners in the United States will only have to wait for another week to get the Tesla FSD button.

Tesla Full Self Driving Beta Button

According to Electrek, Tesla FSD allows electric vehicles of the carmaker to drive on their own, whether it is the narrow city streets or the fast highways.

However, as of now, the FSD Beta is still at level 2 driver assist, which means that driver assistance is still required even when the feature is enabled.

That means a person behind the wheel is still necessary as the FSD still needs the driver's hand to stay on the steering wheel.

Tesla Full Self Driving Beta Button Release

The Tesla boss went on to tweet that the request button for the Tesla FSD is rolling out next Friday, or on Sept. 24 to be exact.

It is worth noting that Musk often announces that the FSD button is coming in two weeks, but it gets moved to another date.

However, things must have changed by this time as the EV giant exec now boasted a one-week waiting time.

Musk further said that the software for the button is supposed to be out by now to a wider range of users. However, Tesla is still fixing some final touches to avoid bugs from ruining the rollout of the FSD Beta.

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Tesla FSD Button: ONLY to Good Drivers

Now that the Tesla FSD button is nearing its wider release, does this mean that its owners could start using the feature starting on Friday?

The answer is no.

Musk further explained on Twitter that the upcoming FSD button will only request permission to access the driving behavior of the user in the next seven days via the insurance calculator of the EV giant.

Such a process is in place to ensure that only the drivers with good behavior will get to use the wider release of the FSD feature.

Upon a week of good driving, it is only when the beta access will begin to be granted.

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