Nintendo allegedly just filed something with the FCC, which could suggest a big future for the Switch. 

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According to TechRadar, the FCC filing is for a new "game controller," although a lot of the details about it are still kept private at Nintendo's request.

Not for long, though, since the privacy veil is set to only last for six months. This could mean that the new controller for the Switch would likely be revealed in early 2022. 

The filing was first discovered by VGC, who reported that one of the letters that came with the filing made it clear: Nintendo doesn't intend to reveal this until next year.

As such, everything else that is actually known about the controller is its model name: HAC-043. 

HAC is the prefix that Nintendo uses to identify any hardware as for the Switch, so this confirms that it is indeed a Switch peripheral.

The handheld itself, for instance, is called HAC-001; the Ring-Con is HAC-022, and the wireless SNES controller is designated as HAC-042. 

Other details available about the new Nintendo game controller is a so-called radio test report. This document tests the overall safety of the wireless controller's signals.

Aside from that the report also reveals that the controller was plugged into HAC-002, which stands for the Nintendo AC adapter. 

What this could imply is that the controller can be connected via USB-C. 

Earlier, it was rumored that the Nintendo Switch might be getting several N64 games after adding old NES and SNES titles to the platform.

However, fans will allegedly have to pay for Nintendo Switch Online to gain access to the N64 games. Online costs $20 for a one-year subscription as of the moment, reports ComicBook

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Nintendo Switch x N64: What's the Deal? 

The N64 is one of the most iconic gaming consoles of all time.

It hosted the first real-time-rendered 3D game in "Super Mario 64," which then paved the way for almost every single major game up to the modern era. 

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A Nintendo 64 controller and Transfer Pak, taken on May 24, 2019.

Since Nintendo has already brought NES and SNES games to the Switch this year, it only makes sense that they release N64 games on the platform.

It would be even better if people can experience these games the way they used to: with a period-accurate controller like that of the N64. Because after all, that's the main appeal of retro gaming: nostalgia. 

Nintendo Might Actually Need A New Switch Controller, Anyway 

The Nintendo Switch might be one of the best-selling handheld consoles of all time, but it suffers from an extremely annoying problem: controller drift. 

This problem with the Switch's Joy-Con controller has been so bad, in fact, that Nintendo doesn't even seem to want to try and fix it even in the Switch OLED model.

So, remember that when you decide to buy an OLED Switch. 

Either way, the eventual reveal is coming for this new Nintendo controller, and all eyes are going to be on it. 

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