Father Son Hacker Duo are On Quest to Help People Get Back Their Missing Crypto After Forgotten Wallet Passwords
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Father Son Hacker Duo are On Quest to Help People Get Back Their Missing Crypto After Forgotten Wallet Passwords

A particular father-son duo, Chris and Charlie Brooks, who claim to be "ethical hackers" are now on a mission to help certain people that have forgotten the passwords of their lost Bitcoin wallets. These people could potentially be sitting on what they note as a trove of missing assets just waiting to be discovered.

Father-Son Hacker Duo

According to the story by HYPEBEAST, Chris told them that although there has been a lot of Bitcoin that has been "lost is lost", it actually isn't irretrievably lost. A recent analysis that was done by Chainalysis, a cryptocurrency data firm, revealed that of the around 18.6 million Bitcoin that have been minted, just 20% is considered to actually be "lost" in wallets that appear to have been stranded.

It was noted by The New York Times that this is equivalent to a whopping $140 billion USD that has yet to be claimed by those rightful owners. It was noted that the duo came up with a number of around 2.5% of the lost Bitcoin that could potentially still be recovered, and it was noted to be something around $3.2 billion USD.

Chris and Charlie Brooks

The father-son duo coming from New Hampshire is reportedly made up of crypto enthusiasts Chris, a professional programmer, and his son Charlie at just 20 years old and majored in computer science in college. Chris reportedly noted that he was introduced to cryptocurrency back in 2014 but only really became interested in creating a business that was digital coin-centered in 2017.

During the period, Chris reportedly frequented forums that had still discussed Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies. Chris had also noticed a trend in which people had gotten into Bitcoin when it was still early and lost the passwords to their wallets. Just recently, the Cardano Alonzo update has been finished.

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How the Duo Decided to Work Together

Chris noted that he thought to himself that he is a programmer and that this is actually a problem he can solve. This then latched onto the idea of starting his very own business that goes under the name of Crypto Asset Recovery.

Charlie was reportedly eager to join his dad's booming business venture. This then created the two-person hacking team that currently exists. Chris noted that he could never really figure out how to hire someone and then proceed to even trust them with encrypted, private keys. South Korea is reportedly suspending 60 crypto exchanges, with only four being able to comply with the country's new laws.

When the father and son started talking, Chris was like, "hey, what if we did this together?" while noting that his son was better than him in that field while remarking, "so it's perfect." Charlie noted that they get a lot of clients that believe they had Bitcoin at a certain point in time, and a lot of them even come with claims of a massive wallet.

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