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Babies Who Look Like Their Father Are Healthier At First Birthday

Babies in single-mother families who look like their father are likely to spend more time with their dad than those who do not resemble their father and they are also healthier by their first birthday. Here's why.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 7, 2018

Older Fathers Likely To Have Geekier Sons: Study

Geekiness is higher in boys whose dads were older than 35 years old when they were conceived, study suggests. Children with older fathers also scored better on STEM exams.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 26, 2017

Do Fathers Treat Daughters Better Than Sons? Study Shows Differences In How Dads Treat Children

Fathers treat daughters and sons differently as shown by the way they speak to and play with their kids. Researchers said the difference in parental treatments may shape the personalities of the children.

Feature | Health May 29, 2017

Cocaine: What Happens To The Son If The Father Uses It

New research has shown the negative effects of cocaine on sons of male rats. Male children of cocaine-using fathers could suffer from cognitive impairment and memory loss.

Neuroscience March 3, 2017

Teen Kidnapped By Dad For 13 Years Forgives, Pleads Court Judge To Release His Father From Jail

A teen kidnapped by his dad 13 years ago pleaded a court judge to release his father from jail. Although the boy lived a completely different life, he said he had forgiven his father and would not want him to go to prison.

Society April 14, 2016

Teen Boy's Attitude Towards Risky Sex, Pregnancy And Birth Control Predicts What Kind Of Father He Will Be

It is possible to determine if male teens will live with their future children. Their attitudes toward risky sex, pregnancy and birth control could predict patterns of fatherhood in the future.

Society February 17, 2016

Father's Depression During Pregnancy Linked To Increased Risk Of Premature Birth

Fathers newly diagnosed with depression during his partner's pregnancy were found to increase the risk of premature births. Researchers said babies may also be affected by paternal factors such as stress and sperm quality.

Life January 21, 2016

38 percent Of New Fathers Concerned About Personal Mental Health, Says Survey

Postnatal depression is often associated with new mothers, but research from NCT reveals men can also experience mental health problems with the birth of their child.

Life June 19, 2015

Dove's Super Bowl Ad Will Make You Want To Call Your Dad

Dove's Men + Care ad that will air during the Super Bowl on Feb. 1 will leave fathers tearing and children reaching for the phone.

Internet Culture January 20, 2015

The older the dad, the uglier the children: Genetic mutation research confirms

Men and women who bear children later in life tend to be more emotionally mature and financially prepared to raise children but the situation might not be as ideal when it comes sperm cells as a new study has found out.

Life March 24, 2014

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