Google TV Adds Crunchyroll's Anime Library | Finally Fully Integrated
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Google TV Adds Crunchyroll's Anime Library | Finally Fully Integrated

Google TV is now finally fully integrating Crunchyroll's anime library, bringing a whole list of new shows, especially for anime fans! The new integration could help make anime easier to view around the world through various devices.

Anime on Google TV

For fans of anime, from the old school classics like Berserk to the newer anime like Jujutsu Kaisen or Demon Slayer, Crunchyroll has been a platform known to cater to the two sides of anime. While the anime audience itself is widely spread, certain platforms like Crunchyroll have been an integral part of the anime viewing experience.

According to AndroidPolice, for those that are a big fan of anime series just like Tenchi Muyo, or even the hardcore One Piece, and maybe some other newer anime series that have launched throughout the decade, the article invites fans to try searching for anime on the nearest Google TV-powered gadget that fans might own.

Crunchyroll Brings Massive Amounts of Anime

Crunchyroll's library of a massive amount of popular Japanese exports, namely anime, has just been added to the OS-wide search function and has finally been fully integrated, making it easier for fans to watch. It was noted that this new integration would make anime binging better for fans.

9to5Google reportedly spotted Crunchyroll shows popping up in the Google TV's interface over the course of the last few weeks. The app has reportedly been available for Android TV for a long time. As of the moment, however, it finally appears to be fully integrated into the brand new home screen experience. This is as other popular services already are.

Where is Funimation?

Quite oddly, while the whole Funimation service is reportedly listed in at least some users' services list, it still does not really appear to do anything as of the moment. Funimation's parent company Sony reportedly bought Crunchyroll some time late last year. The two libraries, however, aren't yet integrated.

As with a number of portions of the Google TV interface, the actual capacity has not yet been rolled out to the Android EV in general as of the moment. The Google TV interface reportedly runs atop of the Android TV and is now on Google's Chromecast, as well as some of the newer TVs coming from Sony and TCL.

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How to Start Watching Anime

With anime becoming more and more popular than it used to be, the audience of anime has definitely grown as well. With more and more platforms for anime to become accessible to fans, this would supposedly make it easier for more people to get into anime as well.

While one of the most popular methods in the past was to watch anime through YouTube, the offering could be limited, and it would be hard for fans to find what they are looking for compared to Crunchyroll on Google TV. For those wanting to get into anime, check out this list of starting anime essentials.

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