2TB SSD Sells for Just $169 from Western Digital WD Blue  | Is It Worth It?
(Photo : Image from Amazon Website) 2TB SSD Sells for Just $169 from Western Digital WD Blue | Is It Worth It?

With the need for storage getting heavier and heavier, instead of the typical 500GB SSD or 1TB SSD, some computer users are looking towards 2TB SSD! Western Digital WD Blue is an SSD with 2TB that is selling for just $169. Is it worth it?

Good Uses for SSD

According to the story by XDA Developers, an SSD is notably a great upgrade for an older and aging PC since they are much faster compared to the traditional hard drives. Getting additional space is also good as well.

Whenever a computer unit runs out of space or is almost full, they tend to function slower. Having tons of free space also means that the SSD will still be able to remain fast. They are also quite good as additional storage for playing games and using other larger applications since they are able to launch quickly.

Western Digital WD Blue 2TB SSD

For those that might need the additional storage, the Western Digital WD Blue 2TB SSD is available on Amazon for just $169, which is notably its lowest price yet. The Western Digital WD Blue 2TB SSD reportedly connects through a normal SATA port. This means it should be compatible with practically all forms of machines.

There are a number of reasons that users might want to pick up another spare SSD, and it is quite rare for reliable SSD options to hit as low as $169 for a whopping 2TB SSD space. Western Digital has reportedly been in the storage device space for a number of years, and the WD Blue is known as one of the best no-frills SSDs in the selection.

Western Digital WD Blue Specs

The Western Digital WD Blue can reportedly hit up to 560MBps and is able to sequentially write up to 530MBps as well. This means that it can handle pretty much anything that is thrown directly at it. For those that might not think of price as an issue, a 64TB SSD by Sabrent can also be an option costing $11,000.

It reportedly plugs into a standard SATA port on a computer and is even powered using the exact same kind of power that is used for any other hard drive on one's PC. SSDs can also be great for storing files that reportedly need quick access, just like games or other large project files.

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Is It Worth It?

2TB is reportedly a lot of space that users can choose to use for gaming. Users can also fit a number of games on the SSD, and it can reportedly be used as a fast-storage device for music, movies, TV shows, and a lot more. 

Although it might not be quite as fast as the M.2 SSD, just like the Samsung 980 Pro, it is still capable of doing the job costing much less. SSDs are known to be reasonably fast, but the problem is that they cost more than an HDD. For those that value speed over just space, however, an SSD would be a good choice.

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