"God of War: Ragnarok" will feature a "Thor" character, and yes, it will still be the god of thunder who everyone knows from Norse mythology. However, game developers have addressed the massive question regarding his look in the video game, which is unlike the pop-culture version of Marvel and Chris Hemsworth.

It is known that Marvel's portrayal of the god of thunder has focused on being fit and ripped, something which the comic book has shown since his first appearances. Chris Hemsworth was even voted as the "Sexiest Man Alive" in 2014 and other years for his amazing physique.

However, he was also portrayed as an obese but muscle-y character in "Avengers: Endgame," something which people perceived as the "proper" portrayal of the Norse god.

'God of War: Ragnarok's' Take on Thor

Thor has a lot of interpretations and versions with regards to Norse mythology history and different cultures that have adopted the belief. And it is said that certain beliefs or religions have a specific interpretation of how a god looks, and it would be based on the experiences and culture to which they have been exposed.

According to an interview by Game Informer, "God of War: Ragnarok" director Eric Williams and creative director Cory Barlog have expressed their opinions on the thunder god, which is different. They said that the game would take a closer look at mythology, something that would explore more of the god in a different state.

And no, "God of War's" Thor is not depressed or lost against a Mad Titan which is why he has a larger body compared to the pop culture versions. The directors said that MCU's take is interesting and has a different perspective, but that does not mean it is wrong or goes against mythology.

However, their version is more faithful and their interpretation of the god of thunder in the early days.

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Mythology-Faithful God of Thunder

According to Historika Sweden, Thor is a temperamental god of thunder and the skies, someone that watches over the mortals or humans as he is also fond of them. He has also lived with them and visited the "Midgard" or Earth to get acquainted with those that live here.

In the illustration of Historica, Thor is portrayed as a massive person, has muscles, or is "buff," but is also stocky in size. Thor is somehow in the middle ground of being ripped and being your average dad bod, as seen on social media.

Some iterations of the god of thunder show him as a "fit" and ripped deity, while some are leaning more into the obese personality.

"God of War: Ragnarok" is leaning more into what is said to be the "mythological" appearance of the god, someone who enjoys a lot of ale or beer, parties with humans, and feasts a lot, hence his size.

MCU's Thor with Chris Hemsworth

As said earlier, nothing is wrong with the Marvel Cinematic Universe's "Thor" that is portrayed by Chris Hemsworth. It is just a different version that was applied by Marvel, something which Sony Santa Monica did not go with its version.

Nevertheless, the god of thunder is coming, and he may clash or side with Kratos, the Greek son of Zeus.

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