Yahoo Gets Help from Sunrise Creator to Create Calendar App
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Yahoo Gets Help from Sunrise Creator to Create Calendar App

Yahoo is tapping the help of Sunrise creator to help the company create a calendar app. Could this new app replace the highly used Google Calendar or other popular calendar apps?

Yahoo Calendar to Challenge Other Calendar Apps

According to the story by Engadget, when one mentions the name Sunrise to a certain demographic of tech enthusiasts and most likely, one would elicit a type of visceral reaction. Before Microsoft previously purchased the calendar software back in 2015 and decided to shut it down just a year later, it was actually one of the particular apps that a lot of people praised.

The thoughtful design and other features helped the app differentiate itself and earn quite a passionate fanbase in a whole crowded market that certain heavyweights mainly dominated, just like GCal. Microsoft, however, decided to shut down the app, resulting in fans looking somewhere else for an alternative.

The Need for Calendar Apps

GCal has even made itself easier to use through the additional widget for users to easily "add events" on Google Calendar. This can reportedly be done through a simple click of a button making the whole event-adding process much easier, especially for those with busy schedules.

It was noted that there was almost no available alternative that could come in and fill that critical void. The good news is that something that looks quite similar could actually be on its way but this time, not from Microsoft.

Yahoo Calendar App

Yahoo, the parent company of Engadget, is reportedly working on a certain standalone calendar app that the company calls Day. This was reportedly noted as maybe not the most exciting sell. However, it could still be an interesting release.

According to an article by TechCrunch, the company reportedly recruited one of the co-founders of Sunrise, Jeremy Le Van, to help the company design the upcoming software. What's more interesting is that the company has reportedly granted Le Van's very own team and freedom in order to develop the software independent of any other Yahoo properties.

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Integration of Calendar App with Emails

In its current iteration, the app actually does not feature any of the popular Yahoo brandings or even its integrations. Moreover, the plan is reportedly to make it into something that can potentially be integrated with whatever email client and other tools that users might prefer.

Quite obviously, fans will have to see what the final product would look like before hopping on board. Even if Day reportedly is only half as good as Sunrise, it will reportedly make the calendar conversation a tad bit more interesting.

Currently, Google Calendar is one of the most used calendar apps due to its integration with emails automatically putting in schedules whenever the recipient gets an invite. Learn more about how to use Google Calendar to attend virtual meetings in the RSVP style.

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