Huawei CFO and Daghter of Founder Meng Wanzhou to be Released After Agreements with the US Over Fraud Charges
(Photo : Image from Huawei CFO and Daghter of Founder Meng Wanzhou to be Released After Agreements with the US Over Fraud Charges

Huawei CFO, Meng Wanzhou, who is also the daughter of the company's founder, is now set to be released and will even be allowed to return to China. This was approved after she and the United States government reached an agreement regarding certain fraud charges.

Meng Wanzhou Agrees Not to Commit Any Other Crimes

According to CNBC, Prosecutors from Brooklyn, New York, federal court said the CFO of the massive Chinese tech firm known as Huawei will be released and even allowed to return to China. Meng Wanzhou's return to China is now possible after reaching an agreement with the United States government on certain fraud charges.

A certain United States district judge reportedly accepted the deferred prosecution agreement. This will reportedly last until December 1, 2022. Under the whole deal, the Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou then affirmed the accuracy of a certain statement of facts and even agreed not to commit any other crimes or even risk prosecution.

Huawei's Founder's Daughter

The daughter of Huawei's official founder was reportedly arrested in Canada back in December 2018, as also reported by Reuters. The United States reportedly sought to extradite her on bank and wire fraud charges. This was with claims that Meng Wanzhou misled a certain financial institution in order to violate American sanctions over Iran.

The United States reportedly noted that it now plans to withdraw its official extradition request. Reuters further writes that Meng pleaded not guilty to the charges against her, and as part of the agreement, she will be taking responsibility for her actual principal role in perpetrating a scheme that was set up to defraud a global financial institution.

Previous Expectations were for Meng Wanzhou to Plead Guilty

The government reportedly claimed that she did this in order to continue Huawei's business relationship with the firm. Boeckmann reportedly noted that the admission confirms the core allegations that were made against Meng Wanzhou. The previous expectation for Meng Wanzhou was for her to plead guilty to the charges filed against her by the United States government.

Media reports have previously linked the Hong Kong-based HSBC to the large case. The bank, however, has previously said that the United States Department of Justice has confirmed that the company is not under investigation regarding the case.

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Lawyer was Pleased with Reported Agreement

A certain Huawei spokesperson reportedly denied to commenting as per CNBC. A lawyer that was representing Meng noted that he was, in fact, "pleased" with the agreement. Attorney William W. Taylor III gave a statement. In 2019, the United States filed charges directly against Huawei for stealing trade secrets.

According to the attorney, she has reportedly not pleaded guilty, and they fully expect the whole indictment will reportedly be dismissed with prejudice after a long fourteen months. It was noted that now, she will finally be free to be able to return home and be with her family.

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