"Fall Guys" has achieved a massive award for their run as a game that has been given one of the top recognitions in the world, and it is with Guinness World Records. Now, "Fall Guys" is named as the Most Downloaded PlayStation Plus Game of All-Time, and it is a massive achievement for the developers, designers, and everyone behind the game.

There have been numerous ventures of "Fall Guys," particularly as it has collaborated with companies to create skins and generate revenues for donation, called "Battle of the Brands."

That being said, The venture of "Fall Guys" has successfully generated as much as $1M for charity, something which the company has used for good measure.

'Fall Guys' Guinness World Record Holder

The popular platform battle royale game has made history, and its name would forever be inducted in Guinness's World Record during this time for being the most downloaded game on a specific platform. According to Guinness, the record for being the most downloaded game via PS Plus was achieved last August 2020.

The PlayStation Plus is a known subscription service for the Japanese multinational entertainment and media company, Sony, and it has a monthly freebie for games. This monthly freebie has several titles which it has for gamers, and while its purpose is to debut a community of gamers to communicate and get together, its free games are also what players look forward to.

"Fall Guys" achievement was showcased via their Twitter account, announcing that they have been inducted via Guinnesses' website and world records.

Here, the game has shown gratitude to its fans and gamers who have made the achievement or record possible, as they have patronized the game over other PS Plus titles.

Devolver Digital is the publisher, while Mediatonic is the developer of the game.

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Why 'Fall Guys?'

The award was made possible by gamers who have downloaded the game via the PlayStation streaming service that brings together gamers of the console. It became one of the freebie offers of Sony for all its subscribers and from there, it has been downloaded a massive number of times, among its subscribers.

Note that there could only be one download per account, and this means that players have downloaded the game of their volition and decision.

What is With the Game?

The game is a typical battle royale that provides a wild and wacky experience that people have enjoyed for a long time now. It is a game where people come together and express their emotions and feelings by eliminating an opponent or going against people they match within a certain room or server.

Users can also freely express themselves by wearing their fit or wearing skins that are curated by the game developers and designers.

"Fall Guys" is a massive success in the gaming world, and it is solidified with a Guinness World Record for most downloads via the PS Plus platform.

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