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xQc, real name Felix Lengyel, admitted he is about to get another NoPixel GTA RP ban after rage quitting because of police officers taking advantage of a system glitch.

However, xQc admitted that he does not care because he wants to take a stand.

xQc to Get Banned Again

xQc's complicated relationship with police officers on the NoPixel GTA RP server reached new records after they took advantage of a system glitch while they were chasing him, according to ComicBook.

The Twitch player was driving his car when he teleported all over the road, which resulted in him getting caught.

The police officers saw it as a chance to raid his car and discover a murder weapon, which comes with a pretty heavy sentence.

The issue is that none of it would have happened if the system did not glitch, according to Dexerto.

Not only did the police officers acknowledge what happened, but they also offered xQc a reduced sentence. It did not sit well with the player, who claimed it should not have happened. It resulted in his rage quitting, and he is now waiting to be banned.

The player stated that whatever decision the platform makes, he will accept it. He said that he doesn't care about the ban, he cares about the roleplay and what he believes in.

xQc added that he believes that people go against the rules, like chatting, out-of-character talk, and he thinks that people are acting in bad faith. He said this behavior keeps happening, and nothing is done about it.

For that reason, he is willing to take a stand, and he does not care if it will get him banned from the server. He added that he is not a full-time roleplay streamer, so if he gets banned, it is not the "end of the world."

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Past Bans

If his ban from the server does end up happening, it would not be the first time. The player has been banned a total of five times already, and each ban is for a different reason.

In March 2020, xQc was banned from Steam for nudity.

In December 2020, xQc got into an argument with Dr. DisRespect on Twitch and mocked him by doing a dance.

However, given the fact that he has described his time on the server as "a miserable experience" and claimed that it left him feeling "burnt out," it could explain why he is so nonchalant about his ban.

Uninstalling FIFA 22

On Sept. 25, xQc also went on another rage rant on the server. The player tried the "FIFA 22 Ultimate Team," but he said that it was disappointing. It caused him to rage quit once again and completely uninstalled the game.

The latest "FIFA" game will come out on Oct. 5, but there are a lot of players who have early access who are already criticizing the game, according to GameRant.

The player played for only two hours, but the game already sent him over the edge. The score was 6-0 at halftime, and he was not able to close the gap no matter what he did.

xQc stated that after his opponent scored again that he was not a fan of the game. He added that he found soccer as an "embarrassing game" before he uninstalled the game.

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