"10001 Dalmatians," a collection of dog NFTs inspired by Disney's "101 Dalmatians," is set to go on sale on September 27. As the name of the NFT collection suggests, there are 10,001 NFTs that can be minted.

These Dalmatian NFTs are the latest dog breed to inspire an NFT collection. They are also the newest addition to the number of animal NFTs available in the market.

Holders of the Dalmatian NFTs will get to participate in group games that will be held on Twitter. There will be a total of six games, and the winners of these games will get prizes.

'10001 Dalmatians' NFTs to Drop on Sept. 27

'10001 Dalmatians," the NFT collection inspired by "101 Dalmatians," is set to be released on September 27. Minting starts at 6:00 p.m. UTC.

Each Dalmatian NFT can be minted for 0.01 Ethereum (ETH). Per the "10001 Dalmatians" official website, the NFTs will be revealed to its owners on September 30.

"10001" Dalmatians joins other NFTs set to be released for minting on the mentioned date. According to a list compiled by Rarity, these NFT collections include "Avarik Saga," "Deez Nuts," and "The Heart Project."

According to the "10001 Dalmatians" website, each NFT in the collection is unique, and "the spots on its body are different in shape, arrangement, size and color."

10% of the initial sales of the "10001 Dalmatians" NFT collection will be donated to the World Animal Protection.

It should also be noted that, per the website of the NFT collection, a 5% royalty applies to all items. Most of the royalties will be used to purchase prizes for the group games that will be held on Twitter.

Twitter Group Games

The website of "10001 Dalmatians" also provides some information on the Twitter group games that the holders of the Dalmatian NFTs can participate in. Participants should own at least 1 of the "10001 Dalmatians" NFTs.

Per the official website, there will be six Twitter group games, and the winners of these games will get prizes. Prizes might be in Ethereum or NFTs.

To be updated regarding the Twitter group games, simply follow "10001 Dalmatians" on Twitter and Discord.

Dog NFTs

Thanks to the "10001 Dalmatians" NFT collection, the Dalmatian is the latest dog breed to inspire an NFT collection. Dog NFTs are some of the most common animal NFTs available in the market today.

A popular dog breed that has inspired NFT creators is the Shiba Inu. Examples of Shiba Inu NFTs include the "Cyber Shibas" NFT collection and "SIPHER."

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Another example of dog NFTs is "DogeX," which is an homage to Dogecoin.

Aside from dog NFTs, other examples of animal NFT collections include cat NFTs, whale NFTs, bunny NFTs, and even llama NFTs and kangaroo NFTs.

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