"Angry Bunny Club," a collection of bunny NFTs, is set to go on sale on September 25. There are a total of 8,888 NFTs in the collection. 

"Angry Bunny Club" is the latest example of animal-themed NFT collections. There are currently dog NFTs, cat NFTs, panda NFTs, and many more in the market. 

A merch store will be eventually launched following the sale of the NFTs. The NFT collection's creator is also planning multiple mobile NFT games to be released in the future. 

'Angry Bunny Club' NFT Launch on Sept. 25

Angry Bunny Club NFT Collection
(Photo : Screenshot taken from the Angry Bunny Club Twitter account)

Each NFT in the 8,888 NFT collection of "Angry Bunny Club" can be minted for 1 Solana (SOL). This NFT collection joins others that are set to be launched for minting on the same day, September 25.

According to a list that has been put together by Rarity, other NFT collections launching on September 25 would include "Roaring Leaders," "Noble Doge Life," "Boss Beauties," and "Agent D's Secret Room."

According to the "Angry Bunny Club" website, "Angry Bunny Club" is "a new kind of NFT collection that rewards holders with royalties from on-chain and off-chain games."

Multiple Mobile NFT Games

The creator of the "Angry Bunny Club" is planning to launch multiple mobile NFT games in the future. Per the website, holders of the bunny NFTs "will be rewarded with 50% of the profit earned from the games."

"I believe this approach gives us access to the biggest player base on the planet and generates revenue for sustainable development of the project," reads a tweet posted on the "Angry Bunny Club" Twitter account.

No further details are available about the NFT games that are in the works as of press time. 

"Angry Bunny Club" is one of the NFT collections that is set to have a mobile game tie-in. Another example of such NFT collections is "Token Tanks," which went on sale on September 24. Its mobile game's private beta launch is set for the first quarter of 2022. 

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Other Examples of NFTs will Game Tie-Ins

Many of the NFT collections that have been launched have a future video game tie-in. Many of these collections are animal NFTs like "Angry Bunny Club."

An example of an animal NFT collection with a game tie-in is "Panda Fight Club." The collection of panda NFTs went on sale on September 13, and its NFT game is set to be launched later this year. 

Another example of an animal NFT collection that will have a game in the future is "Dragons of Midgard," which will have a play-to-earn NFT game

There are also non-animal NFT collections that will eventually release their own video games. Examples of these are the "Sushiverse" NFT collection and "CryptoDads," which will have a lawnmower game

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