Amazon finally released Astro, the new version of Alexa. The giant e-commerce company released the new home robot assistant on Sept. 28. Astro is an Alexa-enabled robot that intelligently monitors your home while you're away, helping you look out for the people you care about most.  What makes Astro special is has its own unique personality that helps it become a fun, useful part of your home. 

Although it has some big similarities with the machine in the popular cartoon show "The Jetsons," the online retailer denied getting inspiration from it.

Based on the videos posted on Twitter, has a flat-screen for its face, which is connected by a long tube neck. It also has a small body that, making it look like a vacuum cleaner with a face.

Some consumers are finding it cute since its eyes were perfect circles, making it look like the flying robot Eve in "Wall-E." On the other hand, Amazon explained that the new robotic Alexa version can do a lot of things to help its owner.

This includes playing music, showing the current weather status, as well as answer some questions of the consumer. Astro can also be used to make video calls and other daily online activities, as reported by The Verge.

Amazon Astro Home Robot's Features

According to CNBC's latest report, Astro's height is about the size of a small dog. This new Amazon product can roam around its user's house, thanks to its three wheels, two of them being larger than the other for more balance and more efficient navigation.

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Aside from this feature, it also has a camera with an adjustable height, which can reach 42-inches. This capability allows it to monitor your house more effectively.

It can even notify you if you leave your stove open to prevent a fire accident. On the other hand, the new Alexa version also combines Amazon's Ring cameras and Echo smart screens.

These camera sensors are responsible for creating a digital map of your house so that your new robot dog can easily familiarize itself, preventing collisions that could damage it.

"So we focused here on mobility, intelligent motion, visual ID, and some of the other really tough challenges we had to overcome," said Charlie Tritschler, Amazon Product's Vice President.

How To Get Amazon Astro? 

Acquiring Amazon Astro Home Robot would be based on your luck since you can't purchase it on the company's actual store. 

Amazon explained that the new version of Alexa is a Day 1 Edition product. This simply means that you can only purchase once the giant e-commerce company invites you to have it. 

When it comes to shipping, the new robotic pet is expected to start shipments this coming January 1, 2022. If you are one of the lucky consumers who received an email invitation, you can now save your slot and purchase it for $999. 

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