iPhone 13's new Photographic Styles function is an exclusive feature for Apple's latest smartphone model. This handset innovation allows you to enhance your captured images by creating your own presets, which can be saved using the default Camera app. 

How To Use iPhone 13 Photographic Styles Exclusive Feature? Apple Says This Function Could Expand To Other Models
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On the other hand, you can also change the image appearance based on the five available preset options offered by the new feature. Although it is an exclusive photo enhancer, the giant tech firm said that consumers could expect it to arrive in iPhone 12 lineup and other recent models. 

However, Apple hasn't confirmed when the expansion of Photographic Styles would start rolling out to other smartphone versions. If you already have an iPhone 13, you can follow these simple steps so that you can use the new photography feature right away. 

How To Use iPhone 13 Photographic Styles Feature

9To5Mac's latest report provided a simple guide on how consumers can use the latest iPhone 13 Photographic Styles feature. If you are an Apple fan and an aspiring mobile photographer, here's how you can take advantage of the new camera function of your smartphone: 

How To Use iPhone 13 Photographic Styles Exclusive Feature? Apple Says This Function Could Expand To Other Models
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  1. The first thing you need to do is access your iPhone 13's default Camera app. After that, you need to look for a splash screen providing the Photographic Styles option. 
  2. If you missed selecting the option, you can go to your Settings app and click the Camera option. After that, you can swipe down until you Photographic Styles. 
  3. Once you are there, the first feature you will see is the Standard Styles feature, which offers five presets: Cool, Rich Contrast, Warm, Vibrant. 
  4. But, if you are unsatisfied with the default presets, the best thing you can do is switch to the Photographic Styles option so that you can customize your own image output.  

Other Photography Features of iPhone 13

According to DPReview's latest report, iPhone 13 also received other photo and video enhancers. These include the new Cinematic Mode, which mainly focuses on video editing. 

It is quite essential for Video Portrait Mode since it could easily change the depth-of-field effect of the video. On the other hand, you can also expect more aesthetic video outputs from this new functionality. 

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