Lucid Air EVs Dream Edition Set to Roll Out to Customers in Late October from AMP-1 Assembly Line
(Photo : Image from Lucid Motors Website) Lucid Air EVs Dream Edition Set to Roll Out to Customers in Late October from AMP-1 Assembly Line

Lucid Air EVs Dream Edition is now finally set to roll out to customers in late October from the company's AMP-1 assembly line. During a recent "Production Preview Week," Lucid Motors opened the doors of its AMP-1 production facility and revealed the Air Dream Edition to show the first customer-quality Air EVs coming soon.

Lucid Motors Air Sedan Finally Set to Roll Out

2020 has reportedly been quite a journey for Lucid Motors. This is on top of the almost 15-year journey up to this particular point in which the US automaker is finally set to start delivering its flagship EV called the Lucid Air sedan.

According to Electrek, for over a year, the company has been teasing the Air but has still consistently been sharing new ideas regarding its features alongside its progress towards the car's full production. Just like a number of goods and services during what now looks like a seemingly never-ending global pandemic, the Lucid Air sedan has reportedly been seeing delays.

Lucid Churchill Capital Corp. IV Merger

Lucid previously announced production delays and even pushed the delivery window of the Dream Edition trims and beyond towards sometime during the second half of 2021. The announcement came just a few days after more encouraging news.

Lucid reportedly started entering into a certain SPAC merger along with Churchill Capital Corp. IV. This particular move was reportedly made official in July 2021. The automaker is now seen as $LCID under NASDAQ.

Dream Edition Set to Roll Out in Two Versions

Lucid reportedly shared additional detailed numbers that were quite astonishing. The company noted that the Air Dream Edition would actually deliver two different versions to customers. Tesla is now amping its vaccination efforts by shelling out $10,000 every month to a vaccinated worker through a lottery draw.

Electric cars aren't the only focus of transportation innovation. Aside from just cars, Rolls-Royce is now working towards developing better electric planes to reach its goal of flying up to 300 Mph.

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Dream Edition Range and Performance Versions

The Lucid Air Dream Edition Range, which is capable of 520 miles of EPA, is already a record for any particular passenger EV. The Performance version of the Lucid Air Dream Edition, on the other hand, is capable of delivering 1,111 horsepower, which is yet another impressive feature.

During a certain event at its Advanced Manufacturing Plant or AMP-1, Lucid then reportedly rolled the first Air models off of its assembly line before finally delivering to customers in October 2021. In a recent press release coinciding with the preview event, Lucid officially started to roll out customer-quality Air sedans from its AMP-1 assembly lines located in Arizona.

The first trim of the long-anticipated luxury EV known as the Dream Edition will start delivering to reservation holders in late October 2021. The limited run of the supposed Air Dream Edition will reportedly be followed by the Air Grand Touring, the Touring, and yet another affordable Air Pure trim.

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