Google Docs New Feature Adds Image Watermarks to Protect Users' Property
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Google Docs New Feature Adds Image Watermarks to Protect Users' Property

Google Docs is adding a new feature that would allow users to add watermarks to their photos. This could be a very useful feature to protect owners of the image from unauthorized grabbers.

Google Docs Image Watermark Feature

According to the story by AndroidHeadlines, the whole process of adding image watermarks to Google Docs is quite lengthy, but with the latest update, the company is rolling out a new feature that would make everything much easier.

In the past, adding watermarks meant users would still have to create one through Google Drawings then copy and paste the document text into the Google Drawings file located inside the text box. Users would then still have to upload it to Google Docs.

Update for Google Docs

Thankfully, the new Google Docs update would help make it easier for users to add image watermarks without the long process. The new feature is already rolling out for those that are using Workspace. Google Docs isn't the only one getting new features, as Google Meet new features have been rolled out this August 2021.

With a few clicks, users will be able to add image watermarks to their documents. In the official blog post, Google explained how to add the watermarks. The feature is expected to roll out to a broader audience this October 11, 2021.

How to Add Watermarks

The blog notes that users will have to go to the new Watermarks option found under the Insert menu. This will open another side panel where users can easily upload image watermarks and adjust their opacity.

Once the process is done, users can click on the Done button, and Google Docs will then automatically apply this watermark to all of the pages. Users can also add their company brand logo with this feature, as well as marketing names or other custom designs to be used as watermarks for Google Docs.

Google Workspace and G Suite Basic and Business

XDA-Developers notes that image watermarks are actually preserved while importing or even exporting documents coming from MS Word. When it comes to the rollout, the brand new feature is now already live for users of Google Workspace.

The company reportedly plans to roll this feature out to the broader audience starting October 11. It will reportedly be available for all of the Google Workspace users as well as G Suite Basic and Business users. Google Messages also has a new feature that allows users to zoom in when needed.

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Google New Feature

As of the moment, however, there is still no information coming from Google as to whether or not the feature will make its way to those that are just using a personal account. For this feature to be available, users will just have to wait and see what Google will do.

The feature is reportedly hot on the heels of a more recent rollout of the supposed Material You design refresh for the supposed Google Docs app. The new design brings Android 12 design language for the widely used Google Docs and also introduces a number of elements as well.

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