Google Messages New Feature | How to Zoom In
(Photo : Screenshot From Messages.Google.Com Website) Google Messages New Feature | How to Zoom In

Google Messages new feature will allow users to zoom in to be able to resize the text! For those that haven't discovered this already, all that needs to be done is to pinch the screen with two fingers and either slide their fingers apart to zoom in or slide their fingers together to zoom out.

Google Messages New Zoom In Feature

For those using Google Messages app a lot, there's actually a feature that would help users easily read the texts should they be too small. This also helps users emphasize a particular part of the text instead of having to put their face near the whole thing. According to XDA-developers, users will be able to resize their text in any conversation.

There is a specific subreddit called /r/AndroidApps and according to Redditor user01401, the Messages app for Android can surprisingly support text resizing in the app's conversations. Users can easily do this through the pinch-to-zoom movement.

Google 'Pinch-to-Zoom' Feature

For those that have tried resizing text in the web browser just like with Google Chrome, that's basically the best picture to help describe what it looks like. It is important to note that doing this does not readjust the text size but basically zooms the user into where their focus is pointed.

For those with poor eyesight that are mostly struggling to read their messages, this new feature could help make the text more visible. The pinch-to-zoom feature on the Google Messages app is a very basic fix that could actually solve a number of problems when it comes to the screen being too small or the text being too small.

Google Meesages Zoom In Limitations

This particular feature, when researched by XDA-developers, was noted to have rolled out to every user and isn't really tied to just a single server-side flag just like other new features that Google Messages rolled out. Other new features that the app has just recently rolled out are the pin conversations and the categorize messages.

There is, however, a limitation to the feature. When researched by XDA-developers, it was found that the limitation is that the feature is not yet available on versions that are older than the 8.X. In order to use this particular feature, it is important to make sure that users are using the most recent update version of the app.

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Google Messages Update

While most of the time the app auto-updates, users can opt for manual updates if ever auto-updating is disabled on their device. Instead of turning on the auto-update feature, users can go directly to an APK hosting site like APKMirror in order to get the latest version of the Google Messages app.

For Google Messages users that already have the latest version, it is very easy to try this feature out. Just go to the app and with two fingers, try sliding them apart or together on a portion of the text.

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