Samsung Galaxy Digital Car Key Coming Soon to Korea | Is Your Car and Phone Compatible?
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Samsung Galaxy Digital Car Key Coming Soon to Korea | Is Your Car and Phone Compatible?

Samsung Galaxy smartphones can be used as a digital car key! This new feature makes it easier for Samsung Galaxy owners to lock, unlock, and even start their cars with the use of their smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Digital Keys

According to the story by PhoneArena, Samsung is making its Galaxy devices even more useful than they currently are. This is through the addition of a new feature that would allow users to use their smartphones as digital car keys.

Samsung reportedly uses the new revolutionary UWB technology. This new technology will reportedly allow users to be able to lock, unlock, or even start their cars through the use of their own Samsung Galaxy smartphone devices.

What is UWB Technology?

For those that don't know what UWB is, it is a short-range wireless communication protocol that makes use of the basic radio waves in order to function. This is quite similar to how either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi functions. The recent Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event saw many announcements from the smartphone maker but it did not yet include the upcoming Samsung digital car key.

Unlike Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, however, UWB works by sending radio waves at a much higher frequency. This reportedly makes it able to achieve highly accurate spatial awareness as well as directional capabilities that would allow these smartphones to correctly understand their own surroundings much better.

UWB Passive Entry

More importantly, UWB reportedly enables passive entry. This means users will be able to lock and unlock their cars, start the engine, and even open the truck as well as activate other more personalized settings through their smartphones.

The digital key can even be shared for users that are lending out their car to maybe a friend. Users can also set a certain time limit for the shared key to work. This means users that are lending their car out for a day can simply set the time limit to just 24 hours. For those that missed out on the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, check out what the company announced.

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Is Your Car and Phone Compatible?

Initially, Samsung's very own digital key will be available in NFC as well as UWB with the specific Genesis V60 luxury electric car in South Korea by the end of 2021.  The smartphone maker has also reportedly announced that the UWB digital key is reportedly compatible with the Galaxy S21+ as well as the Galaxy Ultra, the Note 20 Ultra, and even the newer Z Fold 2 and 3.

For those that want to access this specific feature, it is important to make sure both the car and the device are compatible since the feature might not be as widespread to many different vehicles as of the moment. An article by GSMArena confirms that the feature is currently still available in Korea and for those in the United States, there might be a wait until the feature can be used.

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