Skittles is giving the lucky winner of its sweepstakes a chance to experience a zero gravity flight along with a bag of its limited edition Zero-G Skittles. 

The Zero-G skittles are the popular brand's purple and blue candies that Skittles says will actually float while in space. They were created in celebration of Skittles being included in Blue Origin's first crewed flight, which was launched last July. 

Sweepstakes entries will be accepted until October 14, 2021. 99 other winners will be chosen and will get Zero-G Skittles packs as prizes. 

Skittles Zero Gravy Flight Sweepstakes

Skittles is set to give one lucky winner an opportunity to experience a zero gravity flight plus a bag of the Zero-G Skittles. 

Mars Incorporated, the company behind the rainbow-colored Skittles, is "giving away a zero-g experience for two from Zero Gravity Corporation," according to a report by Space. 99 winners will also be selected and receive packs of the Skittles Zero-G. 

According to the article by Space, the winner of the sweepstakes will get to board a modified Boeing 727 and "experience brief periods of weightlessness as the plane follows a parabolic trajectory through the sky."

"As the plane crests the parabola and dives, the passengers are in free-fall, but without any wind resistance, float about the padded cabin," Space says of the zero gravity flight experience. 

How to Join the Sweepstakes

To join the sweepstakes, what you have to do is to simply buy a Skittles product on Amazon. Take note of your order number because you will need that to submit your contest entry at

The sweepstakes will run until October 14 and "is open only to legal age residents of the United States, except those living in New York, Florida, Puerto Rico and all U.S. territories and possessions," according to the report by Space. 

If you would like to enter without making a Skittles purchase, all you have to do is to email the words "Skittles in Space" to 

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Zero-G Skittles

Zero-G Skittles
(Photo : Screenshot taken from the Skittles in Space website)

The Zero-G Skittles have been created as a celebration of Skittles being brought along on Blue Origin's first crewed flight

Blue Origin's first ever crewed flight, which took place in July, counted the company's founder, Jeff Bezos, and three others as the passengers. 

It was Bezos who brought out the pack of candies and tossed the candies to the other passengers. Aside from the pack of Skittles, Amelia Earhart's goggles were also included in Blue Origin's first crewed flight. Amelia Earhart is the aviator who went missing in 1937 while flying over the Pacific Ocean.

The Zero-G Skittles come in aluminum packaging and the candies are colored purple and blue. The flavors included in the pack are Berry Blast, Planet Pineapple, and Rocket Raspberry. 

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