Hospital Staff Panic Button
(Photo : Cox Medical Center Branson via Facebook)

Hospital Staff also deserve safety in the workplace and feeling secure whenever doing their jobs, as their main focus is to provide care and help to those in need. That being said, a hospital in Missouri has provided its staff with "panic button" devices that they can use whenever they feel unsafe or in danger within the walls of the institution. 

A lot of people have been experiencing hardships during these times, and some of them cannot see their loved ones infected by COVID, despite being at their final moments or in their death beds. People who experience grief tend to be unreasonable or emotional, thus, disregarding those around them, even though they are only doing their job. 

Hospital Staff Gets Panic Button

Hospital Staff Panic Button
(Photo : Cox Medical Center Branson via Facebook)

A hospital in Missouri called Cox Medical Center Branson had released a statement today that it made steps on helping their health care workers feel more secure when doing their rounds or attending to patients. There have been a lot of reports regarding the violence of patients where they feel in danger or are put into a difficult situation. 

That being said, the device which was provided to them can help in alerting the hospital security in responding to cases and calls of a health care worker who felt in danger at the time. This can help in extending assistance and making them feel safe, especially when they cannot escape or run away from people who resorted to violent means. 

There have been a lot of violent cases in the form of assault and fights, putting the hospital staff in the position where their lives are threatened despite only aiming to provide service and assistance. This step was done through the help of the Skaggs Foundation, which amounted to $132,000 for the project. 

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Do More Health Care Workers Need This?

The device could help in tracking the location of the staff, especially if they move away from the first location where the distress call was made. It would then help security staff in pinpointing their exact location, especially during distress. 

Moreover, it would be tied with their ID badges for easier carriage and access, something that can help them react immediately and reach for it during emergencies.

It can help alert the security staff during emergencies as well, and not just in dangerous situations. 

Safety in the Workplace

From Amazon warehouses to hospitals, safety in the workplace should not be undermined or taken lightly, as these people work to provide assistance and service to those which they aim to help. No job is menial, and no task is small for a person.

That being said, these workers should be treated with utmost assistance and help, especially with feeling secure with their work. 

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