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YouTube TV will continue to support NBC Universal's list of cable channels and local NBC stations after NBC Universal and Google signed an official agreement with the streaming service on Oct. 2.

YouTube TV to Support NBC Shows

YouTube TV stated that the price of the NBC package would not increase.

YouTube TV said in an official statement on Oct. 2 that they are thrilled to share that they have now reached an agreement with NBC, according to Los Angeles Time. 

Customers will continue to have access to more than 85 channels, including the Regional Sports Network, NBC channels, and the local NBC station, with no change to the monthly service.

The service costs $64.99 a month.

A representative for NBC said in an interview with Variety that they are happy that they've finally reached a deal with YouTube TV, and that they can continue to offer their full network portfolio.

The network promised customers that there wouldn't be any interruption.

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NBC considers YouTube as its valued partner.

The network does not want to involve their customers in the dispute, but they wanted to let them know what would have happened if the negotiations did not go through.  

NBC thanked the customers for their loyalty to the network. They promised to continue to bring them the networks and the programs that are loved by the public.

The previous agreement of the network and the streaming service was set to expire on Sept. 3 at 12MN Eastern Standard Time. However, the companies reached a short-term extension while they worked to create a long-term deal.

Earlier this week, the contract fight escalated after NBC began warning YouTube TV on Oct. 3 that the customers would lose networks like USA Network, NBC, and CNBC over the dispute.

Google has claimed that NBC is asking for a higher rate than it charges its competitors.

Also, the search giant said NBC would double-charge customers for the same list of channels while requiring them to log in separately to Peacock's apps since NBC also has a deal with Peacock.

The channels are almost similar, but YouTube TV has the complete portfolio of NBC.

NBC also stated that the rate that it was asking Google for the streaming service was fair. YouTube TV is the only streaming service with NBC's portfolio, including news, sports networks, and Hispanic entertainment.

YouTube TV customers almost lost dozens of channels, including CNBC, NBC, Bravo, Golf Channel, E!, MSNC, Syfy, Oxygen, Olympic Channel, Telemundo, Universo, Universal Kids, and USA Network.

Customers also almost lost the NBC Sports regional networks, including NBC Sports Boston, NBC Sports Bay Area, NBC Sports California, NBC Sports Chicago, SNY, NBC Sports Washington, and NBC Sports Philadelphia.

YouTube TV Subscription

YouTube TV is only available in the United States, and it offers 85 channels, including CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox, according to The Verge.

The subscription fee was increased in June 2020. The rates increased up to 30%, and it became $64.99 per month from the original price of $50 per month.

YouTube TV allows for offline download but for an additional $20 a month.

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