"Is Rivian copying Tesla FSD?" That is now the question that has surfaced over social media as the former company has been spotted with a new filing that suggests an autonomous driving feature coming.

A Twitter user had reacted to this news, saying that it waited for FSD's release before it filed a new venture, to which Elon Musk reacted.

Rivian Copying Tesla FSD?

Rivian was spotted with a new listing for its autonomous driving feature, and a Twitter user has replied to an article posted about it, saying that Rivian waited for Tesla to release the FSD so it could copy it. This has been one of the many reactions to Rivian's latest venture, with some saying that it is copying Tesla's autonomous driving feature.

That being said, the reaction of the Twitter user has brought Tesla CEO Elon Musk to react on it, and his reaction is to laugh at what the netizen said.


While this does not fully suggest that Musk is agreeing to the statement of the user saying Rivian ripped it off, it still shows that it is a Full Self-Driving feature successor.

Nevertheless, a lot of companies have self-driving features available on their cars or are still working on it, as they apply it to most electric vehicles which they aim to bring. One of Tesla's early rivals is Ford's Blue Cruise, which has been a massive debate on social media with regards to its functions, and how it matches against Tesla.

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Rivian Autonomous Driving Feature

Rivian's Autonomous Driving feature was spotted in a new S-1 filing of the company that a $10,000 self-driving suite that would soon come for the company's electric vehicles. It is unsure if it would be released, though, because not all ventures and listings may necessarily come as a feature if the company wishes to stop it at the moment.

This only suggests that Rivian has a plan to bring a self-driving feature, something which could line it up with its rival, Tesla, in the automotive industry. However, not having autonomous driving for its electric vehicles does not make Rivian less of a company or inferior to Tesla, as it still brought massive competition to the latter.

Rivian vs. Tesla

Tesla FSD
(Photo : Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - JULY 05: The inside of a Tesla vehicle is viewed as it sits parked in a new Tesla showroom and service center in Red Hook, Brooklyn on July 5, 2016 in New York City. The electric car company and its CEO and founder Elon Musk have come under increasing scrutiny following a crash of one of its electric cars while using the controversial autopilot service. Joshua Brown crashed and died in Florida on May 7 in a Tesla car that was operating on autopilot, which means that Brown's hands were not on the steering wheel.

Rivian is known to be one of the biggest rivals of Tesla in terms of its upcoming electric vehicle venture, the R1T, which is nearing its release this year. Tesla's Cybertruck is currently at odds and ends, as it cannot be distributed by 2022 and sees the year only for release.

It was said that the Tesla Cybertruck would be released by the company by 2023, and it is not something that buyers or fans are happy about.

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