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The PS5 console is difficult to get, and it may get even more challenging now that the holidays are almost here. It has been a year since the console was launched, and Sony has failed to meet the demand.

P5 Supply and Demand

The PlayStation 5 continues to sell out almost immediately after it was released, to the point that websites have crashed after Sony released its first-ever stock. A recent report even suggests that the PS5 stock issues will continue until 2023.

According to Bloomberg, Toshiba will not be able to manufacture enough of the chips that are needed to make game consoles.

Takeshi Kamebuchi from Toshiba admitted that the chips will be very scarce until 2023. Some customers may not be served until then.

Christmas Demands

With Christmas coming up, the stock levels of the console are still very low. We have created a list of tips for all customers that are hoping to purchase a console in time for the holidays.

Below is the list of retailers that are known to restock the PS5 console often, so you can check them out from time to time for updates.

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PS5 Buyer's Guide

You can purchase the PS5 if you are in the United Kingdom.GAME sells the console for £359.99 or $399 and the Disc version for £449.99 or $499 separately as well as a range of bundles that include games, accessories and more.

As for Argos, it has been consistent with its release of PS5 stocks in the United Kingdom this year, according to Express.Co.

One of the best things about ordering the PS5 console from the retail store is that customers can pick up the console from their local Argos store after placing their order online, so they don't have to wait long.

You can also check out Sony's online website for PS5 restock updates, and you can turn on your notification to get updates.

Argos also offers the PS5 digital bundle. The most affordable PS5 purchase option at the retailer is the PS5 Digital console, which costs £359.99 or $399. With past restocks, Argos has offered same-day collection and home delivery.

Very is another retail store that offers a range of PS5 consoles. It includes standalone consoles and bundles with accessories or subscription services. You can go to the Very sign-up by checking their website so you can get email updates on the console, according Forbes.

Amazon is another amazing place to purchase the PS5. However, if you want to be one of the first customers in line, you need to update your Prime subscription. That is because the members get priority access to the console.

John Lewis is a British retailer which has been taking orders for the console online. The store has received restocks in the past for both the Disc version and the Digital version. However, with this retail store, you need to be fast because stock gets snapped up fast.

Currys is another retailer that has been taking orders for the console this year. For the majority of this year, its online orders have required a VIP code. But there might be some scheme changes in the future. However, the retailer has not talked about it yet.

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