Google is launching two-factor authentication for 150 million users at the end of 2021.

According to the company, the 2FA/2SV process will secure them through a one-time code for the app.

Upon using the feature, you will have to wait for the text message that will help you in the verification of your account. It will also safeguard your identity from suspicious threats.

Google to Auto-Enroll Users in Two-Step Verification

Google Plans to Auto-Enroll 150 Million Users For Two-Step Verification System Soon
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The two-factor authentication will arrive at the additional 150 million users at the end of 2021, according to Google. Here's how you can check if the feature is turned on in your account.

According to a report by Business Standard on Wednesday, Oct.6, Google is targeting the latter part of the year to be scheduled for 2SV for the additional 150 million users.

Moreover, Google said that two million creators from YouTube are required to enable the 2FA.

The search engine giant claimed that this security feature is a reliable way to bar unauthorized access from invading the accounts.

The plan for upgraded security started back in May when Google announced the enrollment of the users in its blog.

For iOS users, the two-factor authentication could be activated through the dedicated app. In the meantime, they could rely on the autofill feature in Chrome that is also used in app log-ins.

Furthermore, the company stated that the 2SV options will not be available for everyone that's why they are planning to improve the authentication.

In addition, Google aims to steer away from using passwords for security.

The firm mentioned some information about the Inactive Account Manager. This is suitable for people who want tight protection of their digital accounts.

It is currently available on the My Account settings.

How to Check if the Two-Factor Authentication is Turned On 

From another report written by The Next Web earlier this week, there is a way to know if the 2FA is already enabled on your account. To check that, here are the steps that you should follow:

  1. First, go to the account settings and visit either on your PC or smartphone.

  2. Then, on your left-hand window, tap the Security section.

  3. After that, scroll down the page until you see the Google section. Look for the two-step verification option.

  4. Turn on the feature if it is turned off on your account. You can also do other things such as setting up an app and even adding and deleting security keys.

  5. For another way, you can direct to the Security Checkup page of Google.

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WhatsApp to Adopt Instagram's Two-Factor Authentication Code

Back in May, a leaker who turns out to be an app expert said that Instagram's 2FA code will soon be usable for Whatsapp users.

The analyst added that the feature would be released along with login requests, text messages, authentication applications, and backup codes.

Interestingly, the security feature could also be disabled by default. At the time of writing, the 2FA feature was also planned to launch for multiple devices besides smartphones.

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