iPhone 13 Pro Max is reported to have a hidden feature that is exclusive to the latest smartphone model.

The recent video uploaded by a tech site on YouTube showed its beast charging capability. What's interesting about this feature is that it is not usually promoted by Apple to the public.

What's iPhone 13 Pro Max's Exclusive Feature?

[LOOK] iPhone 13 Pro Max Has Insane Charging Power That Apple Hasn't Mentioned Before | Hidden Feature to See
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Apple's iPhone 13 Pro Max has a special "hidden" feature that Apple has never promoted before. What is it?

According to a clip uploaded by ChargerLab on YouTube, iPhone 13 Pro Max could sustain a charging power of up to 27 watts. This capability is made impressive when the device is connected to the USB Type-C power adapter given that it exceeds 30 watts or more.

Compared to the previous iPhone 12 Pro Max, the charging speed of the predecessor phone only peaked at 21 to 21 watts using the same adapter setup.

Macrumors said that this exclusive feature is rarely advertised by Apple due to a particular reason: the thermal issue that is common among Apple iPhones.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 Pro, the smaller version of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, could not achieve the insane charging power. It could only reach 23 watts of power. Other than that, the Pro series phones feature the same specifications except for their weights and battery lives.

iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 13 Mini Shares Similar Charging Power

In a Weibo post by one user, there is a similarity between the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 phones. The standard version and the mini variant have the same charging speeds as the previous model.

For those who want to feel iPhone 13 Pro Max's fast charging speeds, you can buy the $49 USB-C (30 watts) to amp your experience. By doing this, you are using the next-gen smartphone to the fullest of its capabilities.

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iPhone 13 Pro Max Test Reveals its Long-Lasting Battery Life

Last month, we reported that the iPhone 13 Pro Max was the current Apple device with the longest battery life. At the time of publication, the report suggested that the new smartphone could last for nine hours and 52 minutes of usage.

During that time, the YouTube video review has garnered over one million views. Some iPhone fans commented that Apple was stepping up to improve its products. Others said that the next-gen smartphones could adopt more advanced features in the future.

So far, this was great news for iPhone 13 users especially those who always utilize their phones 24/7.

Earlier in September, the iPhone 13 Pro Max was leaked to be coming soon when several people spotted the flagship on a MagSafe packaging video. Apple hasn't yet announced the specific iPhone models at that time, but the rumors speculated its arrival in the next few weeks of the month.

When hearing rumors, it's always best to take these discussions with a grain of salt. Furthermore, we could only confirm the legibility of the leak if it officially came from Apple.

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