IGTV and Feed Videos Gets Merged Into One | Introducing the New Instagram Video Tab Feature
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) IGTV and Feed Videos Gets Merged Into One | Introducing the New Instagram Video Tab Feature

Instagram is now rolling out a new feature in the form of a video tab which now combines IGTV and feeds videos together. Users will be able to experience a more video-focused space as opposed to having to switch inside the app.

Facebook's Instagram

After the recent Facebook outage that caused quite a lot of buzz with even Mark Zuckerberg losing a fraction of his wealth in the billions, Instagram was also affected. The app is now reportedly making some changes to put all of its videos in just one place.

The brand new video tab on Instagram will be hosting Instagram Video, which consists of both feed videos as well as IGTV, according to its announcement. IGTV is also reportedly set to be phased out entirely sometime soon.

Instagram New Feature

Facebook notes that it is now combining its own video efforts into just one format in order to make it much easier for people to discover the brand new video content. It was also clarified that Reals will apparently still remain in another separate tab.

Users will reportedly still be able to upload coming from their gallery and post the videos on their stories as well as direct messages. Video previews, as of the moment, are being increased all the way up to 60 seconds. Instagram Stories was also reportedly set to launch its own vertical feed, which was inspired by TikTok, and now people are able to have a very similar experience.

Instagram Video Tab

The app is actually getting some new video editing tools along with the ability to be able to tag people and locations. Instagram is now also reportedly making changes to video monetization, according to the story by Android Central

Both creators and businesses will be able to notice that their own feed and video insights are both combined. IGTV ads are now also being rebranded to the new "In-Stream video ads." Video previews for ad-enabled content are said to remain at 15 seconds.

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IGTV Renamed to Instagram TV

In addition to this, the standalone IGTV app will also be renamed to "Instagram TV" as per The Verge for people that are more interested directly in video content. In July, Instagram head Adam Moserri also noted that the app was looking at new ways in order to embrace video much more broadly.

This is because the app is now becoming more than just a photo-sharing space. It was noted that with short-form video content up and coming from competitors just like TikTok, Instagram now hopes to put more focus on simplifying its own offerings and also making it easier for users to be able to discover content.

A rebranding/combining of Instagram's own video features signals a new step in that particular direction. The new feature should already start appearing on Instagram on iOS as well as Android although they could take a while before everyone is reached. Instagram Stories was set to have a new caption feature that would allow users to watch videos without sound.

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